I took A&P in 2013 ONLINE .. bad idea. Now applying for 2016 spring nursing program. Help?


Hi all,

I got my associates in liberal arts back in fall 2013 since that was my last semester of my associates.

I picked up an A&P class ONLINE. & I don't remember anything! Nada!

Then, last fall, I picked up Physiology since it was required from my school although I already took A&P. Well, this Physiology class was a blended course. Lectures on ground & quizzes/exams/hw online.

Bad idea! I got so frustrated at times that I ended up just looking the answers up online by googling them.

I feel horrible, because I don't remember anything from actually studying back in fall 2013 and NOT studying as much in fall 2014.

I just applied to the nursing program at my school for spring 2016.

My first time taking the TEAS was this January 2015. I got a 46.1%!! Horrible! But I did it without studying-my fault.

Second time I bought a TEAS manual book & studied that. Took the TEAS again in February & got a 50.1%!! Wth!!

Thirdddd time, I JUST took it on 08/31/15 & got a 56%! I studied my ass off for this one! The schools passing score is to be 54%+ & I didn't knownit was ny last attempt until ATI testing showed "3 out of 3" on my score sheet.

Idk what to be .. happy because I improved on my scores or sad/disappointed because it's def not good enough? Since it's only 2% over the required passing score ..

Currently, I am taking a CNA class & that's sometimes hard, its 8 weeks. We'll be done in October.

So I have 2 subjects to talk about. 1. CNA 2. Nursing program

CNA: how hard is it? As in working & knowing everything? It seems pretty common sense but it still gets to me ..

What things should I most importantly know while doing CNA? What are some advices, tricks, & tips you'd recommend me?

NURSING: how hard is it? Is it true you will most likely give up your social life the next 2 years?

Since I did bad in A&P & Physiology alone, will they ever review those during nursing? I got a B in both classes btw.

I'm really nervous that I will go in & never be able to come out. I'm soooo disappointed in how I took advantage of the online & blended course. A&P I studied much majority of the time but was just too much for me.

I know physiology is the main thing to know in nursing. It's hard for me. I'm TERRIBLE at science! But I do try to understand it. I know more about chem (I have a love/hate relationship with chem, but I understand somewhat of it) than anything!

My GPA is at a 2.9, all As & Bs but majority are Bs. My school looks at GPA & TEAD score

What are somr advice you can give me?

Anyone graduating or graduated from Kansas City Kansas Community College? This is the program I am going into, or maybe UMKC but not sure how things will play out.

But if you've graduated from the nursing program from either school, can you tell me in great detail about each class & how hard it was?

What you learned?

What I should know?

Who was the best professor to go to for whatever class?

If you can pleaseeeee answer anything & everything ! I'm so stressed out. I've cry sometimes of how much I'm disappointed in where I'm at in life

If nursing doesn't work out .. idk what to do. I've thought about computer engineering or computer science. I love technology & everything today about it. That might be my "back up" plan but idk yet if I want it.

I really wanna try nursing ..

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Everything in nursing school builds upon your basic foundational courses such as A&P. I would not take any more prerequisites for nursing school unless and until you are able to re-take (and retain) your A&P.


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Anything worth having in life is hard. But to me it's sounds as if your not invested at all if your really concerned about how much it will take away from your "social life for the next 2 years". Good luck.

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Nursing Instructors are not going to spend their time reviewing A+P. They need their lecture time to teach nursing. The books that I have for my nursing courses provide a few pages to read and review if you need it. I took my sciences over a decade before I started my nursing program and I had As but I studied my but off. What did I remember, enough to get As in my nursing classes, but please don't ask me to take a final exam for any of those sciences classes right now because I'd most likely fail. It's a toss up but you are going to at least be able to recall the essentials for your nursing classes or you'll have your work cut out for you.

I did not find the CNA portion of my LPN program hard. The most import thinks to remember are safety and infection control. Don't harm your patient, don't spread disease.

As for your social life, it depends. What other obligations do you have? Work? Family? Kids? School is going to take up a lot of time but many busy people go through it. Many students are working full time and raising families...they are also usually not doing a whole lot else because they still need to study for their classes. You will want to remember everything you learn in your nursing curriculum...because you will need it to pass the NCLEX RN exam when you are done.

Honestly from your post it seems like you are unsure about what it is you really want to do. You already have an Associates in Liberal Arts, are working on getting accepted into a nursing program, and considering working in computers...These are three totally different fields of interest. I would research all three in depth to see which one you would really want to pursue a career in before moving forward, college is expensive and you don't want to waste time or money on something that you aren't really sure about.

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I'm not concerned about it taking away my social life. I've lost a lot of friends along the way in college because they don't understand that my education comes first.

It was just something I was told. Some nurses say they were able to balance everything. People have their own perspectives

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I got my associates degree because it was something to fall back on, something to have whe applying for a job for myself.

The social life, I hardly ever go out lol. I'm always inside, always! I've lost friends along my journey in college, which is fine with me because I'm never going to beg anybody to be my friend .. especially if they can't understand that partying every weekend is just something I don't wanna do at the moment.

And computer engineering/science is a BACK UP plan. You know, what if you didn't get accepted into the nursing program or couldn't get through the nursing program? What are your back up plans?

I have mine. & that's my second option. Everyone needs a back up plan just in case.

Back in 2013, I wasn't sure if nursing was for me. BUT, all my life, up til now, I've always loved caring for others. I've always put others before me. I mean it, I love it. I care for my grandfather right now, & have been for a while now. So I'm used to caring & giving back to others because I know what it's like to not have care given back to me.

I want to give back & want to help others in need. So I figured nursing would be great although I'm not that well in science, depends what class it is.


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Anything worth having is hard and you have to work really hard. I am not sure how much time you are putting in your studies. Everyone has given you good advice but I will tell you this, if you are not disciplined with your studies right now, it will be hard to break those habits later and chances of getting into Nursing school will even be harder. Good luck with everything!

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My GPA is at a 2.9, all As & Bs but majority are Bs. My school looks at GPA & TEAD score
With a 2.9 grade point average, there has to be a few 'C' grades mixed in there. Straight Bs would result in a 3.0, and a GPA does not fall below that level unless some grades lower than 'B' were earned.

I'm going to be blunt: you will be competing against applicants with 3.5+ GPAs who scored in the 70s and 80s on the TEAS. Your stats are not looking stellar, but almost anything's possible. Good luck to you!

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You state that you have lost friends because your education is so important to you, yet you don't properly prepare for your tests? You also had no idea how many times you could take the Teas test? What is it exactly that you do with your time when all of your friends are out together?

Honestly, you need to put your backup plan in place. Your GPA is not 2.9 with all As and Bs. It's not possible. A 56% on the Teas is not going to cut it. Most people who are applying will have a 3.5 GPA and their Teas score will be in the 70s and above. You need a solid foundation in A&P to have any understanding of pathophysiology at all. You took A&P and they required a single physiology class as well or is this a pathophysiology class? If it's a patho class, the reason it's tough is because you don't understand A&P.

You need to understand blood flow through the heart, how the kidney works, how diffusion works. If you don't, you will never make it through the medsurg classes. Maybe you can retake some classes and buckle down on your studies. Nursing school is extremely competitive.

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If you didn't comprehend A&P & Physiology because you cheated, I wouldn't suggest applying to nursing school. Especially with a low GPA & such a low TEAS score. On top of that there is no way you got only As + Bs & have a 2.9 GPA. But your lack of A&P shows in your TEAS score. I would retake A&P in person or go to your back up plan. Because they are not going to teach you A&P in nursing school.

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Again all .. I took A&P 2 years ago.

I've taken chemistry, microbiology, biology, and labs with all of those. I passed with an A or B and remember quite well of those.

My gpa consists of 2 Cs or 3 Cs at most.

My current CNA class AND medical terminology have been reviewing A&P. Not too much, but enough to bring back up information I read yrs ago.

This girl I know scored low in the 60s and her science part on the TEAS were in the 30s or 40s. Her GPA is about the same as mine and still got accepted into the nursing program where we go (KCKCC).

Sooo I mean, she did say she doesn't remember much from her physiology class, that she didn't understand much either, although she does with anatomy. She said she barely passed phys with a C.

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I hope you all can read my comments, I'm new to this stuff and idk how to respond to a persons comment.

I'm using the app:what: