I think I'm going to puke even more...

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I'm still waiting for my results (since 6/29)...and it's killing me!!! I've been on such an emotional rollercoaster :crying2: --especially after feeling like I failed the test! I started my first day of work today and kept wondering, should I even be here???? Tell me it's going to be alright!!!! :uhoh3:

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It's going to be alright. Either way. You will be fine.

Everyone here is vouching for you. I remember how I felt waiting for my nsg exam results gfrom my first year that I just completed. ARRGH!!! It was H***!!!

So I understand. Everyone told me either way it would be alright. I actually began to plan for failure and was pleasantly surprised.

Try and relax. :)


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You will make it through! I felt the same-I was sure I failed. I really think everyone walks out of that testing center convinced they failed. But most of us really do pass! :) Hope you hear soon....


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