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I did it!


i can't believe it, but i did it! nursing school is finally over with! we had our pinning ceremony last saturday. one of my classmates figured up that from our starting class of 60, only 14 graduated with us! we lost some to failing, having children, suffering nervous breakdowns (only 2 though! *lol*) and just plain quitting.

i will be starting my graduate nurse position next wednesday. i can only imagine what an emergency room is like on christmas eve. i am so nervous! my nurse mgr said i would mostly be helping out in triage that night. from what i have heard, thanks! :eek:

sending everyone prayers & best wishes for a safe & happy holiday season! :kiss


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moni, congratulations! i wish you the best in your new position.

congrats!! woo hoo! :biggringi :balloons:

although hearing those numbers, scares the living c^*% out of me! egad!:chair:

Congratulations!!! :nurse: It must be a great feeling to be done and about to start actually working as a nurse. This Christmas should hold a special meaning for you. Best of luck!!!!!!!

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