I was in there!!!!!!!!



I was in your shoes a month ago and i am still in here with you.This is for all the future nurses studying hard to pass that monster called nclex.I am composing this to encourage you not to give up and never think your best is not enough afterall God is our strengths in all things.God's plan and time works in favor of us all not when we want it.You time is coming nclex takers who has failed the nclex be it one time or billion times,afterall we are all going to receive only one title at the end of the day which is either LPN or RN.Don't stop studying and never allow anything to put you down;we all went through nursing schools and survived all the clinicals and class bootcamps(can i hear amen!!!!!!).Please, keep your heads up, because your time is coming when you will see that good pop that allnurses members talks about.I pray that the good lord of all hosts favor you all after all those studying:yeah:.Goodluck and hugs to you reading this.

Extra credits for those of you that have being studying for days,months and years to pass the nclex while i hope this will encourage you to keep going::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::up::up::up::hug::hug::cheers::clpty:


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I read the title to your thread and I was thinking, "In what, where, what did you find there?" I thought maybe you were in close quarters with a snake or something worse! Thanks for providing your words of encouragement, helpful to everyone. Glad you didn't find a snake!


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:D,i did that to get pupils attention.You are welcome.Thanks for the acknowledgement.


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Thanks - Cheers to hoping I passed my board - waiting for official results.