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  1. This particular patient is on legal Keyhea - he doesn't have a choice on taking the medication because he is not mentally capable of making that decision. He does have the right to refuse vital signs, however. Thanks for the input guys - Just wanted to make sure my license wouldn't be on the line for being a sheep and following orders blindly. Makes sense!
  2. I work in an environment with mentally ill patients that often refuse to have their vital signs taken for their scheduled blood pressure medication. These are not elderly petients, however they are adults. I am curious what the legal policy is behind this idea - I am in California. As an LVN would you be allowed to give blood pressure medication to a patient when the physican has a specific order stating "Give blood pressure medication even if patient refuses vital signs, notify MD so the patient can be assessed." The MD is essentially stating to give the blood pressure medication regardless if the patient refuses vital signs or not - This specific patient has refused vitals for 2 weeks in a row now and is still recieving Atenolol. Is there a legal policy regarding this? As an LVN should I still continue to give the medication? Would any liability fall on to the LVN in this situation, or would the MD take all responsibility by making a order stating to give regardless of v/s? What would you do in this situation? Thanks for your input!
  3. TheKyleRC

    Pearson Vue Trick - Poll once you receive your results

    Worked for me. Good pop up - just got my pass letter in the mail today. + 3 classmates have done it - all good - all passed.
  4. TheKyleRC

    CA NCLEX-PN - went to 205 - Passed.

    Funny thing is I waited 5 months to take it - And only studied about 10 hours. Don't take it for granted though - I am a decent critical thinker. After my program finished I was exhausted of the material - and had literally no ambition to study anymore. So I would estimate a total of 10 hours study time in the 5 months of time I wasted - Went to 205 questions and managed to pass it. 1st time taking it of course. I went in expecting to fail - thus using the failure as the drive for me to actually study for the 2nd time around - luckily I don't have to. =) Anywho - My program was Charles A. Jones in Sacramento California. 8.5 months long - 40hrs/week - mon-fri. Was pretty intense. Glad I knocked the accelerated program out, and knocked out my nclex. Program was $15,000. Cheers - I am a male licensed vocation nurse now. =D Now it's time to start my job with the Department Of Mental Health - Psychiatric prison. Correctional officer / nurse - Medical Technical Assistant. I am destined to go crazy. Ha! :yelclap::yelclap::yelclap:
  5. TheKyleRC

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Why do I have to live in CA where there is no quick results? Absolute crap. lmao
  6. TheKyleRC

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Been 3 days and still the good pop-up. This mean I am golden?!?
  7. TheKyleRC

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    You might want to drink, at least. lol!
  8. TheKyleRC

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    California? Took 12 days?
  9. TheKyleRC

    Is it me, or is there a dichotomy for male nurses??

    Should make a thread for posting pictures of yourself - and we can all judge and assume based on them. lolz
  10. TheKyleRC

    never give up on nclex!

    What's the total number of times the board can be taken in the US?
  11. TheKyleRC

    I was in there!!!!!!!!

    Thanks - Cheers to hoping I passed my board - waiting for official results.
  12. I attended Charles A. Jones and am here for questions if anyone has any. Graduated in June of 2010. LVN. Shoot me a PM if you have any questions.
  13. TheKyleRC

    Has anyone heard of Charles a. Jones college?

    A little late - but I attended CAJ and graduated from the LVN program in June of 2010. Feel free to PM me and I will give you my email so you can ask questions.
  14. TheKyleRC

    Is it me, or is there a dichotomy for male nurses??

    I am a normal guy - and in my class there were both extremes. Only 2 other male's in my LVN class - one was extremelly masculine - pumped iron on a daily basis - and the other was more feminine. A friends program had 3 very feminine men as well. Could be strictly coincidence - ya never know. lol
  15. TheKyleRC

    Ages of male nursing students?

    LVN - 22yrs old. Had two other males in my graduating class - both over 30.
  16. Yeah I plan on taking them to the board personally. It's in my hometown.