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Hello all,

I really need advise. I have until the end of the day to decide to accept the terms of a new contract. A little background I applied for a employment position in a new area of healthcare. I have limited experience in this field but the position appeared to be a great employment opportunity. The terms of the original contract which I signed were favourable, here's the kicker. A new contract was presented with terms that are no longer favourable. After a long and exhausting negotiation the terms of the new contract are going to stand. This is a short term position. The travel distance is about two hr each way. The work load is very heavy which results in no lunch and overtime.

I am very disappointed because I thought I made a good decision, even though I did have an uneasy feeling in the beginning I thought it was a mixture of fear and nerves. I don't have another job yet but I am confident something will turn up soon. I just can't bring myself to sign the new contract.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions.

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This sounds like "bait and switch". I wouldn't sign it. They are hoping you are desperate enough to sign it.

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Trust your instincts!

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Dont sign the contract, Nursing could become something you

no longer love when you are contracted into a job you resent.

Get another train of thought going, and find another lead.

You willnever regret leaving a disaster of a position behind.

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I too would not sign it. Go with your gut. Just reading your post would make me not want to sign it. If it's very unfavorable, and a long commute, why sign? Unless you cannot wait for something better then I wouldn't do it. You don't want to be stuck with something you hate, and then have something you love come up.

Thanks for the advise. It really doesn't feel right signing. I went through so much to get this job. Travelling back and forth for interviews. I feel bad bothering my references for another reference so soon, maybe they'll think I can't make up my mind. I just want a chance to really love this profession. I know this profession is great. I also know there is a job out there for me, that suits me. Once again thanks for looking out. This really is a great forum.

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Did the original contract expire or was it never signed by an employer's representative? At any rate, this has "bad deal" written all over it.

The contract was signed by both parties, then the next day a new contract with different terms was created.

If they signed it, they should be held to it. Call your local labor board. or a labor attorney for advice.

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If you signed a contract and they turned around and changed it to less favorable terms the next day it seems clear to me that they are operating in bad faith. I would not want to work for someone who did that to me.

Don't worry about "bothering" your references. I think most references expect to be contacted by multiple prospective employers before the person they are recommending accepts a job. If you asked them for a one time reference, explain to them why you're not taking this particular job and ask if they'd be willing serve as a reference for multiple additional job applications -- they should be able to understand your desire to make sure you get a job that's a good fit!

Thanks everyone for your support. I am chosen not to sign the new contract. I am feeling really down. I don't have another job lined up. My hubby is quite upset he thinks I should have signed then leave when something better comes along to ensure I have an income coming in. He stated that if I don't want the job someone else will do it and not to ask him for an opinion. I can understand his frustration I have been job hunting for a long time, turned down a few offers. I am just trying to find a good fit.

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