I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine ?

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3 hours ago, ohbejoyful said:

This is a really silly comparison. Something simple and easily observable  like a shape vs a complex new medical treatment. I guess if you wanted to use this to compare to anti vaxxers in general...people who don’t want to take vaccines that have been around for decades... but you actually think a new complex investigational medical treatment that the best scientists only struggled with for over a decade prior to this “light speed approval” has no need for more data? A treatment that was only released to the general public 2 months ago...only under emergency authorization use... and that if you don’t feel comfortable taking it you are overly skeptical to the point where you don’t believe the earth is even round? You don’t agree that there is not enough real life (not laboratory) data on how it affects fertility, pregnancy and ADE effects? You don’t believe that kind of data is important? I guess you can argue that some people are so overly trusting that they need no real world data , just a stamp of approval from authorities they’ll take anything. 

Point missed. 


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15 hours ago, ohbejoyful said:

I actually found out and began to understand after this post that some of my patients who were asymptomatic at the point of my care were staying to finish their 5 day completion of IV remdezivir. And some were just being monitored for being considered high risk. However when you are extremely short staffed it can be difficult to understand

Hindsight 20/20. When you are short staffed you make it your business to know the caring involved at the least. Are your legs sore yet from backpeddling?