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I did it! I passed the ANCC FNP exam yesterday!!! I have never been more proud of anything in my entire life! It was the hardest test ever and I couldn't predict how I was doing at all during the test, but I did it. It feels so good to say its over! No more studying. It's amazing how everyone has such different questions. I didn't have one anemia interpretation question, one pregnancy question that I can remember, very few peds (no developmental questions at all), and tons of nonclinical questions. Other than that it was a hodgepodge of questions. Several combining guidelines on JNC7 and ATP3, a few on pneumonia, 2 on cholesteotoma (which I literally never heard of til I started studying), and several questions on things I've never heard of. If anyone needs study tips, feel free to ask!


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Please share your studying tip


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Congrats!!!! I finish school in 6 weeks... Thinking of this test is scaring me ********.... Literally! I don't even know how I wanna begin studying. Now, with that being said, I've been lurking around here for a while...so far I have Fitzgerald and Barkley CDs, and Leik (intense Review 1 and 2). How did u start? Did u take a review? How long did u give yourself between finishing school and taking the exam? And What materials did u use to study??? Sorry for all the questions, but thanks in advance for helping.


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Congrats!! I too would love to know any tips you may be able to share. I take my test later in the year and I have no clue of where to start at.


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I would love to post my study tips seeing as how it's difficult to get most people here to post their study tips and it's one if the most nerve-wracking things to take this test! This is what I did: I did Fitzgerald's review course online and she is extremely detailed and wordy. Two days before I took the test I did the practice questions, which were just a review of the questions in her study guide that went along with the course, and they encouraged you to use the book. However, I thought what was the point of that? Talk about exam fatigue...there were 245 questions and they were all so wordy. I still did pretty good on it, but had to look up some of the answers (as they were fill in the blank), which I think is not realistic for the actual test. Also, while reading the questions I couldn't help but think, they would never ask this question or that question. Some of her information is just a bit too much. I llistened to older versions of both Barkely and Hollier (2010 I think) and they were helpful. Neither of them is as dry as her, however, the peds section of Barkely was excruciatingly long and the woman who gave the review had quite an annoying voice, so that is all I could focus on. I kept the Barkely CDs in my car and tried to listen to them whenever I was driving, and got through them a 2nd time. I also bought Hollier's most recent review question book, Leik's most recent review book, and the ANCC book. I also purchased 2 exams from FamilyNPPrep.com. I do feel like I know a lot more information than I did when I started studying, but it is still frustrating with all the information there is to know! I found the hardest part for me is reading the questions too fast and not answering the question being asked, missing key words like not or except. While taking the test I had to slow down and marked any questions I was even a little unsure of or wanted to review. You get about 4 hours to take the test but I did it in less than 2 as I am a fast and impatient test taker. I am not very organized and didn't have a formal study plan of "today I will do respiratory" etc. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask any other questions.


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Congratulations, that is such a great accomplishment.

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That's awesome and Congrats....i hope to test at the end of the month.

congratulations!! I was just reading your post in dec 2013 regarding the jobs and uncertainty of starting a new job. How did that work out for you?

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BIG CONGRATS!!!!I am in my final phase of FNP and seriously concerned about passing boards. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers :angrybird13:

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Congratulations. All that hard work paid off! Now you can actually enjoy working :D


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Congratulations!! That's awesome!