I PASSED my Nclex-PN on 2nd try!!


Got my Quick results today and i pass. This was my 2nd try. First time Iwent, I believe that my nerves won that battle. I did all 205 and failed. This time I stop somewhere in between 155-159 dont remember because I was bummed I didnt stop at 85, so in my head I believe that I was going all the way to 205 again. I had 16 SATA in this test and so much of everything just about in all contents. Never give up and dont let your nerves win ! Be in control and do this! God was indeed helping me calm down.

Heres what I did to study:

:heartbeatExam Cram


:heartbeatSauders 4ed

:up: Ncsbn 3 wks review- I believe that helped me the most this round.

:heartbeatDid 100 qs per day, sunday was my day of rest.

:heartbeat Google helps to0o

FYI- :down:Dont overstudy, it does not help trust me.


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Congrats!!! :up::lol2:


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Thanks everyone.... Now 4 days after I pass, Im now doing 12hrs shifts!!! Wow what a change. From studying questions everyday to doing what I love!!! I feel good and god is great!!! :nurse:


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congrats!!!!! I plan to take my test over again i just failed again in Feb the results said near passing for all except one area do anyone have any suggestions


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well idk how I DID i had 91 questions... did the pvt and it took me to the cc page im so terrified...


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Yeah I took the test in feb also and i failed i also had near passing in all areas to.... trust me the 2nd time i went for the test i took my time!! Just relax and think in your head " Hey its just a Test" . The day i went for my test I didnt get no sleep drove an hour and half to the testing center, could not find it at first, was about to give up , had 5 mins to find it, was a min or 2 late went in there, calm myself down, took test, got done, went out to eat, then bowling and later that night found out i passed.... so you can do it!!!


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i just took my nclex pn two days ago..i stopped at 85..idk how i did =( i got hard questions and easy ones towards the end...does that mean i failed?? =((


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Have you tried the PVT? This will give you your results. You did fine.