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I feel incredibly disappointed.. I didn't pass the TEAS V.. this was my second attempt. To make things worse.. today is my birthday. I cried all afternoon.. I feel so stupid and sad. Now, I have to change my major to Computer Science. It's not fair.. I studied all month for this exam.. to not pass it. Because of this exam, I won't able to pursue my dream career. My mom spent so much money on Online Practice Tests and manuals. I feel like a failure.

How many times are you able to take the exam? The program I'm starting allowed 3 attempts at the TEAS V. The exam tells you your low scoring areas so maybe you could focus on those areas and try to figure out why you aren't understanding. Don't let this test be the reason why you can't pursue your dream of becoming a nurse. There are many people out there who've had to re take the test and ended up passing. Hopefully you're able to take the test again. Best of luck to you!!!

Why can't you apply to another school? Some schools let you take the TEAS exam more than two times. I'm not sure of the exact schools, but I remember reading this when I was researching different schools a while back. Research more schools in your area about the maximum times you can take the exam. If you really want this career, then you won't give up. Just keep trying, and you WILL eventually succeed! Good luck, and Happy Birthday! :)

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Please do not give up on your dream of becoming a nurse. When I was doing my undergrad, I didn't get into the nursing school that I wanted and didn't apply elsewhere. I graduated in a different field and have been disappointed for years. I even have my masters. I got into a program 2 years ago and then got pregnant! Now, 2 years later, and 2 kids later btw, I'm back on track with reaching my goal. If you still have had that yearning to become a nurse, you work hard until you can reach it.

Change your target school, look into other options, wait and take the test again. Don't get down on yourself!

Don't give up.

Hi Jojo-

Im sorry you didn't do well on your tests.. but dont give up. Im sure if you speak with someone in the nursing department they will offer different ways of you getting into the nursing program. Although some programs tell you there is a limit to how many times you can take the TEAS, if you fail it those times theres usually just a 6 month waiting period before they allow you to take it again. And also in searching this forum I find that most people say its best to take your TEAS test after doing all of your pre-reqs like a&p , chemistry etc. Dont give up its worth the fight. :-)

First if that's your dream you never supposed to give up. In life things aren't gonna go the exact way you planned and when. Things are going to happen but its about what you do afterwards. Stay positive, have faith, and tell yourself you're gonna make it. Do some research on all nursing programs in your area and their requirements. Its a competition getting in you should always apply to more than 1 school to give yourself a better chance. Btw there's no determined passing score on the teas v some schools just have a minimum score set where they will accept and some use it on the point system along with your prerequisites. But like anything they are going to tell you that you have to have a perfect score or all A's to get in, but if you don't that doesn't mean that you still can't apply. At my school they go by the point system, and I always heard that it was so hard to get in and that you had to have straight a's and so on and so on and you had to make atleast a 70 on the teas v. But guess what I got in with a B and a C and I wasn't even through with my other biology course yet for that grade could be used to add more points and I didn't have a 70 on the teas v. They had 400 applicants and I was chosen out of the 75 they accepted. And I know that, that wasn't nobody else but God! With that said keep it moving forward, you know what you want stay on that path to go get it. It's not going to be easy getting it, and believe me there are gonna be other bumps in the road, be strong and don't stay in this sad place for too long. God bless, good luck!

Why does this mean you have to do computer science? Also, why do you view computer science in such a negative way? I would advise you to review the TEAS V manual in the areas that you scored poorly in and study very hard and at least try once more. At least give yourself three strikes, one to screw up on, one to improve on, and one to master.

Don't give up. I went through the same thing. When I didn't pass the first time I just took it as a sign I wasn't ready and that turned out to be true. I studied a couple more months and I found I was much more ready. Take your time it will happen

Thank you so much guys. I truly appreciate it, I decided that I'm going to major in Computer Science and if I don't like it. I will retake the TEAS V exam in 3 months. Once again, I want to thank every single one of you. This is such an amazing site!

Jojo1800, have you looked into other nursing programs? I know that not all programs require the TEAs. That may be an option for you. I wouldn't want anyone to change out of the major they love just because of one standardized test.

I am so sorry, I feel the same way. I just read this and I know its been months ago, but I hope you can go some where else to be a nurse. I have to take the TEAS on Jan 22, 2012. It will be my first time and I have been studying for over a month and I am scared the same thing will happen to me. I am a lot older than these girls in school and it is harder for me to remember stuff. I don't think this TEAS test should decide our future but we have no choice. Wish you all the luck in the world.

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