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I need some motivation for my last two weeks! i had the worst week!


Hi :) so this week was a pretty hectic week. I am a pretty organized person and always write down when I have exams and double check the dates. Well I have been planning on my Pharm exam to be this coming Monday (the 24th)...I look over the powerpoints and such but really don't crack down and study until a week before..I like to take a section at a time and really get it in my head. On sunday night I felt like weird and thought "I should check the class schedule" (btw, my Pharm class is an online class and we go to class to take exams which are worth 15,20,20,20 and 25%.) and it said that my exam was MONDAY (the next day...and it was 330 pm when I noticed). I dont know what happened I guess I wrote it down wrong and never checked back on it. Anyway our class average is failing :(..I have an 85 in the class after the last exam and I'm just a little bummed. I also have an 88 in Pathophysiology. I just need some strength to get through the next 2.5 weeks! I feel so drained! :(

CrufflerJJ, RN

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At least you listened to the little voice Sunday night and had SOME time for studying. It would not have been fun at all to have blown off the exam & got a zero on it.

I'm a bit paranoid about messing up my work schedule, and will sometimes check my schedule "just in case" the night before.

I know how it is when your "apathy meter" is pegging and you don't have the energy to go on. Just think - 2 more weeks!

Good luck.