I need helping finding a nursing job that will allow me to sit once every 2-3 hours


I really need some advice.

I really, really want to be a nurse but I have plantar fascitis and have suffered for about 15 years.

Can any of you suggest specifice jobs in the hospital I could do (as a nurse) that will allow me to sit down every now and then. There is absolutely no way my feet can take standing on them all day.

Desperate for advice on where I might fit in as a nurse. Thanks so much for any replies.


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I don't really know of any hospital jobs but you could become an MDS Nurse in a nursing home. They are usually willing to train you.


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I was thinking more in the line of case management or telephone/triage nurse. Doesn't require any more time on your feet than a regular office job, but you still use your brain to make nursing decisions.

Good Luck.


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My prayers are with you that you will find the ideal job. Since most hospitals have their nurses working 12 hour shifts it is really stressful on our feet. At the end of the day our feet are sore and sometimes swollen. I worked Med Surg and Trauma for years, I have now switched to Psychiatry and it is so much less stressful. We sit quite a bit because we do a lot of one to one counselling with patients. I also know that Hospice is less stressful in terms of being constantly on one's feet. All the best!

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An MDS nurse has to travel all OVER the facility, many times a day, fetching all kinds of information. I calculated I walked 5-7 miles a day when I did MDS for years. (No nurse ever answers the phone, they are too busy, and you have BILLIONS of little tidbits of information you need CONSTANTLY). I'd suggest you become a patient advocate, maybe for a nonprofit, or even possibly an HMO? As in a triage phone nurse? Case manager, where you don't have to travel?


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Thanks for your ideas. I don't mind traveling. In fact, a home health nurse would be good since I would be able t sit while I am driving to the next destination at least.

Just getting thru the first 2-3 years in a hospital is what I am scared of working 12 hour shifts mostly on my feet. I am 42 and just starting.

Thanks for any more ideas.


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I hear Humana has 80,000 employees, and they all sit in front of a computer all day.


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Thanks but that would drive me nuts sitting all day. I just need to sit once in a while. The thought of standing all day scares me to death. Tell me you can sit when you need to right?


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Have you thought about public health nursing? I am unable to stand for any period of time due to a chronic leg injury. For me, public health is a great career for me because sometimes I am sitting at my computer for charting, sometimes I am driving to a clients' house, sometimes I am doing a short presentation, sometimes I am working in an immunization clinic, etc, etc. I was so happy to find a job that worked with my physical limitations, and also happened to be varied and rewarding!


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Night shift extended care home health case work will allow you to sit most of the shift. If you are watching an itty bitty at night, you might have the pleasure of sitting in a rocking chair.


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Thank you so much. This job sounds ideal! Is that working for the state or a hospital?


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This sounds good also.Thanks so much for your input.