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Karl Farmer

LTC, MDS, plasmapheresis
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Karl Farmer has 25 years experience and specializes in LTC, MDS, plasmapheresis.

Single, gay, and ELIGIBLE.

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  1. Karl Farmer

    LVN scope of practice - IV removal without having my IV cert.

    Poster posts an opinion that it's OK to discontinue an invasive medical device, if she had experience in this arena, nothwithstanding that states have specfic legal scope of practice rules? This sort of thing makes me question the validity of this website. It's simply mindboggling.
  2. Karl Farmer

    Request local CA LVN job/pay info:

    Thank you for this information. It seems that IV certfication in CA is much ado about nothing due to its limited scope, much like it is in AZ. And you have to be VERY careful to fully know the nurse practice act re: IV use, which makes it all the more ridiculous. These BONs are creating nonsensical situations with all of these IV rules and regs for LPNs, possibly to trip people up and be able to revoke more licenses. It is unsafe to have such a wild variation and such confusing regulations in an area of nursing that can cause immeduate harm to a patient. They need to get their acts together. Case in point is that CA doesn't recognize any other state's LPN IV program, even though FL, as an example, has a program that it ten times as comprehensive, and makes the total scope of IV use a daily routine task for LPNs.
  3. Karl Farmer

    LVN scope of practice - IV removal without having my IV cert.

    Silly sounding or not, why would anybody risk a license by doing anything they are not confident that is within their scope of practice?
  4. Karl Farmer

    Do facilities care about convictions or arrests as well?

    Arrested? Dismissed? Convicted? Sealed? Expunged? If you are arrested, in this country, your file is forever marked as such. It doesn't matter what happens next or finally. Every BON will know you were arrested, and if it was dismissed it does not matter- you are marked, for life. Your RAP sheet will always and forever indicate that arrest. Every BON will ask if you have ever been arrested, and expunged , sealed, dismissed, etc. means nothing to them. Therefore, regardless of what wording is used on any work application, for the remainder of your life, you may as well tell them you were arrested, for what, the end result, and be upfront. Since every BON, a government agency, knows every detail- the potential exists for every employer to also know every detail. there is simply no waht whatsoever to play word tricks.
  5. There is no such thing as a minor felony. There are degrees of felonies, yes. But criminally speaking, a misdemeanor is a minor crime, and a felony is a major crime.
  6. Karl Farmer

    handcuffed or arrested

    What? You are claiming that a misdemeanor is not a criminal charge? And by the way, being handcuffed does not only not mean you are necessarily under arrest, it also does not mean you are being charged with a crime. People are handcuffed for a million reasons- you can be handcuffed at a crime scene as a safety measure before you can be cleared as being involved in the crime in question, as a common example. (A crime is either a misdemeanor or a felony= the difference is the possible end result of being convicted. But a crime is a crime, is a crime).
  7. Karl Farmer

    handcuffed or arrested

    Readers may be suprised to realize this, however: Even at the point of your receiving a ticket for a traffic violation (speeding, as an example), you have in fact been 'arrested'. The difference between that, a traffic/adminstrative situation, versus a criminal situation, is that if your situation is a criminal offense you must either then, or at a specified time, report to an agency for booking, and to be fingerprinted. And in the case you fail to pay your traffic ticket (an administrative situation), you can then be subject to a bench warrant, which can elevate your situation to that of a criminal situation. In short- the majority of people 'arrested', are not actually physically detained, but 'arrested' by notice of a citation.
  8. Karl Farmer

    Request local CA LVN job/pay info:

    Anybody in the SF bay area, or greater LA, working in LTC- have any job advice? Are there jobs available? Average pay? Is IV cert. required, or commonly requested, and if so- is that really needed as an LVN in LTC?
  9. Karl Farmer

    iv cert

    Where in CA are you, are you paid more to be IV certified, does your employer require that, or do many or most require that, and are you in LTC? Thanks.
  10. Karl Farmer

    LVN scope of practice - IV removal without having my IV cert.

    Might want to read your state nurse practice act, rather than lose your license for doing something you are not qualified to do by your state. Don't take anybody's advice. It it your responsibility to know what you are and are not legally permitted to do. And since CA has a program for LPNs and blood draws/IV certficates, it is not within your scope to remove an IV. Otherwise, they would not have that certification requirement.
  11. Nursing schools are all hateful places. 52 started in my class, 30 graduated. They especially tore up single mothers. The nursing profession is the same, there are no kindred spirits, and no camaraderie, whatsoever. And BTW- the latest bent is asking if you have any mental illness, or take any meds- that way you can be put in an impaired nurse program right off the bat. Might want to learn to relax, and find that massage is a better diamond in the rough than you thought it could be. And also might want to keep a lid on anything that may ever end up online, meaning available to anyone. It's not a nice place this country is heading towards. Ohm~
  12. Karl Farmer

    FBI background check on yourself, info:

    If that is for me, I can't private you, don't see how to send a message.
  13. Karl Farmer

    Concern about releasing Past Medical History to BON.

    You need to not release protected health information. Go to a HIPAA site and read up on this issue. Then you will know where and what information is and can be released, either by yourself, by contract with your insurer, or whatnot. Do not divulge protected health information to anybody, ever. The BON will in no way have access to your hospital or doctor visits, unless you were ordered there by them, as a condition of a program, and signed specific waivers allowing them access. If you unknowingly divulge protected health information, it will adversely affect you for your entire life. Don't make a move until you find out what's involved.
  14. Karl Farmer

    Finally allowed to sit for a probationary license, good or bad?

    We'd all like to know what state you are in, and what you were arrested for, and the nature of the criminal complaint, including the degree of the charge.
  15. Karl Farmer

    explaining mental illness disability to RN board?

    Another thing is any history of any psych med, even antidepressants, will probably preclude your obtaining an individual health policy in the future. Another reason anything like that ought to be kept off the record, and paid for in cash. Nice that people that seek to treat their condition are ostracized. And I wouldn't be suprised if BONs start excluding those with depression, anxiety, etc. and also wouldn't be suprised to see 'drug testing' for legal meds. Then they can put the whole country in IPN, on probation, monitoring, whatnot.
  16. Karl Farmer

    Bill To Change Rules For Immigrant Nurses

    Now I'm left wondering if CA will allow me to obtain my required CEUs from, say, a school in the Philipines? Not.