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I failed the nclex on october 21 . I did kaplan you know q banks trainer 3 times i read the books twice and anyway i failed . My question is i have the option of repeat the course again should i do it again ??????? I dont know another question i am in florida when should i apply for the re examination i received the notification on october 30 thaks


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perhaps a bit more studying might be in order here.......... u will have peoples lives depending on u..............


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I took Kaplan as well in Jan 09. Which course did you take? I took the in class program for 5days. They have a money back guarantee...How many questions did you answer per day before you tested? How long did you study before testing?


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I did pass NCLEXRN...I took my test 3weeks after review...honestly I probably would have passed without Kaplan...but it was helpful in relieving some anxiety and it coached me on doing 250 questions per day until test and it helped with multiple answer questions. Maybe you can get a refund to pay for retest and maybe you can drill your questions more...idk....it's up to you? Good luck, if you can get through school you can do it!


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I took the in class program. I think the problem is i am international nurse graduated in 2004 . I tried to prepare me in 4 months before i took the test. I did 100 questions per day. Any advice for me pls thanks

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i am not sure if i understand the original question; but if you are asking advice as to whether or not you should retake the kaplan course since you failed.... i would say yes!!! if you attended the in-call course, maybe there will be a different instructor teaching this time and you will get more out of the class. if you want a refund, you must return the kaplan blue book (which is a good study source) which you probably have written many notes in.

also kaplan has the qbank of questions along with question trainers. i "assume" you were stating that you did the question trainers (1-7) 3 times. how many times did you go through the 1100+ questions in the qbank??? regardless, did you understand the rationales associated with each of the questions???

try to determine what you need to focus on most...nursing content???....understanding what the question is asking???... from there, you will be better able to tackle the nclex when you take it again.

good luck!!! :up:


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I have said this over and over and over and over again:

The Real Secret in passing the NCLEX-RN exam is Q AND A!!! And Prayers.

Q and A, not just from a single reference material, but several. Kaplan is good, but the questions are on the easy side and concentrate more on the strategy on how to attack the question. Do yourself a favor and get MORE Q and A books and answer ALL of them. THERE IS NO SINGLE PERFECT ONLY SOURCE IN PASSING NCLEX-RN. It has to be SEVERAL. Get a good grasp on your nursing knowledge first, by answering questions, then you can work on the next level of questions which is the analysis. You cannot shortcut this. So start answering as many questions as you can to develop test taking strategies. Then you can get back to kaplan. Only then when you have done this will you be able to get a better probability of passing.

And of course pray. All your efforts will be wasted without His help.

Good Luck! ;)

and p.s. STOP READING YOUR NOTES please! You already know this stuff, so concentrate on your weak parts and ANSWER, ANSWER, ANSWER questions tirelessly.


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Thank i appreciate your advice guys. I AM GOING TO STAR NOW