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I need caps and lamps


Does anyone know of any sites where i can order those horrific nurse caps and the nightengale lamps? I have been searchin' all day long and have not come up with anything. i would greatly greatly appreciate it.....plz email me: musick1999@aol.com.

Thank you.

wonderbee, BSN, RN

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I think allheart.com has lamps.

Check out number 1137. It looks like wearing a paper sailboat or upside down dixie cup on your head. What were they thinking?

prmenrs, RN

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In the old days, lol, each school created their own cap. I think that style was one some Hospital school created--it is even labeled "Mercy" type. Lots of Mercy Hospitals out there.

Kay's caps made the caps from my school, but it's not on that picture. It is similar to style 811 on page 2, with a 1/4" black ribbon. The souffle cup styles are on page 3.

I don't miss it from any practical point of view, but I enjoyed wearing it when I did. Just sentimental, I guess.


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Just out of curiosity how on earth did you keep those on your head? Bought stock in bobby pins?


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We had a cap folding lecture just before graduation. Told to paint the bobby pins white so they wouldn't show against the white.

We had two rows of dusty pink velvet ribbons as LPN's in Alberta. One LPN told me that every province in Canada had different colour ribbons. She graduated in Ontario and said the ribbons were aquamarine in colour. Any input in this one.

And yes, they were Kay's caps.

Aveda in Toronto also sells two styles through their catalogue.

chris_at_lucas_RN, RN

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Uniforms instead of scrubs too.

I can remember my Mom telling me about the various caps from schools hers was affiliated with.

Seems like she liked the ones from St. Vincent's.

These were, I believe, all diploma programs. Could be wrong though. (It was the late 1940's when she went to school. Gawd, I'm old! hahaha)

prmenrs, RN

Specializes in NICU, Infection Control. Has 42 years experience.

Yeah, it was a big deal for diploma schools. We would tease the hair on the crown of our head (1st time in my life I ever had a NUN tell me to "rat" my hair!), then take a small rectangle of Kleenex, ~ 1x3/4", secure it to our hair w/2 regular size bobby pins, then take a long bobby pin, and thread it thru the little tab inside the cap, the other side thru the tissue that was secured to your head. It was very secure, but you couldn't see the bobby pins. I got bobby pins that matched my hair, not white ones.

I'm sure that explanation makes no sense without a visual!

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