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I Made It!!!!!

Hi everyone!!!!!

Yesterday was my 24th bday and I also recieved my LPN nclex result. I PASSED!!!!!! It was my second time taking the test but I am so glad that I passed.

For those of you that failed once don't get discouraged, try it again and I am sure you will pass it the second time just like me.

It was such a nice bday for me :rotfl:

Congratulations on your success!!!

congrats and happy bday!!!what a wonderful birthday present. i am awaiting my results for the nclex-rn and it is a horrible feeling.

:balloons: :) :balloons:

maire, ASN, RN

Specializes in Adult Med-Surg and Rehab.

Congo rats!

:balloons: COngrats!!!!!!!! :balloons:

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