I should have known better.......


Well, what do you know? After all these years in nursing (26), I have been insulted on the web on another board. Because the renal nursing discussions here didn't seem to active, I made the mistake of looking up other renal boards.

2 weeks ago I started orientation in a dialysis unit. I had a bad day on Friday, and I guess I was just looking for some reassurance and asking if anyone had any good online resources for renal nursing.

The respondent to my description of my day and some of my anxieties basically said to let my supervisors know if I was not comfortable with the dialysis unit at the end of my orientation (another 4 weeks) and that I sounded shaky and she wouldn't want me near her for another two years.

When are we ever going to just learn that the internet forum is an inexact mode of communication and that what we type may not always come across with the right inflexions, tones, etc.? I try to be exact, but was in a hurry this afternoon when I was typing in my query.

Also, when will nurses ever stop trying to "one-up" another nurse and try to genuinely help? I'm so disgusted I may never post anywhere again.

There, I vented. I'm off to lick my wounds, apply salve to my wounded ego, and get ready for work tomorrow, where I will learn more and become proficient. So there!


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Lynda, don't think that every nursing bulletin board is the same as this one. And, you are right-- without verbal tones and inflections and without facial expressions, sometimes the typed word makes it harder to decypher the real meaning behind the words.

I also wonder when we will stop competing with each other and work together as a team of nurses to help each new nurse to grow into the strongest nurse that person could be. If we could only help each one of us become a strong nurse, nursing could be a very powerful profession!


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Hi Shandy,

I am a dialysis nurse and I found that I took about 3 months to feel that I knew the job. It took me about 2 years to feel I knew that answers to any problems/situations that occured. I have worked in an renal ward, transplant unit, acute haemodialysis unit and now work in a satellite unit. All have their good/bad points, however an acute unit is generally busier and staff have less time to explain things.

I found many staff felt that a good dialysis nurse is one who can put needles in quickly, the quicker the better.

Many dialysis nurses have not worked in an renal ward or in transplant units and have a lack of knowledge of renal conditions and treatment medications.

Sometimes the emphasis seems to be "get em in, get em on, get em out" without seeing the individual patient.

The renal web site I use most is http://www.renalweb.com/index.html



has a range of texts that I found useful


has a range of drug dosage adjustments for renal patients



This is the journal of renal nutrition, very helpful.


This is a rehabilitation site for renal patients, I have found some very good information here.


A patient/staff education site


A drug companty web site, but very good.

I have been in dialysis for 4 years and I love it.


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Two years?..............................Gee they must have been some kind of brilliant renal nurse if you wouldn't have been able to even get dumped on by them for two years.:rolleyes:


My guess is that they don't even function on thier own unit if they have to make someone they don't even know from past posts feel inferior.....................Ya think? In fact, I would guess that the web is the only place that they are an "expert".


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Sometimes I think there is this one managment type poster that shows up on several boards. The untheraputic remarks you report she aimed at you sound just like her. Every experienced nurse recognizes that old "twist the situation around trick" she likes to use. If a person reports a problem she turns it back on them and makes it sound like they are the problem. You know how it goes, you report that 12 patients are to many they say you are just unorganized.


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Originally posted by oramar

Sometimes I think there is this one managment type poster that shows up on several boards. The untheraputic remarks you report she aimed at you sound just like her. Every experienced nurse recognizes that old "twist the situation around trick" she likes to use. If a person reports a problem she turns it back on them and makes it sound like they are the problem. You know how it goes, you report that 12 patients are to many they say you are just unorganized.

Thanks, Oramar, I agree. Some people are like that, no matter where you go.

Usually, when someone is concerned enough to post about a problem as you have, Lynda, they've thoughtfully considered as many angles as possible and are open to suggestions or encouragement, or both. Plus, it seems to me that someone who would post and ASK FOR HELP is on the right track.

On the other hand, someone who responds with criticism like that poster oramar mentions, just seriously gets in the way of a good, healthy resolution.

Just my 2 cents, Lynda. Good luck! I know you'll do fine. :kiss:


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Please don't judge this board by that other one! Most all of us here want to help our fellow nurses. Sure there are a few out there that are disgruntled. A few of the specialty boards don't get many hits. I always post things under General discussion as more people read this forum than any other.

I know how you feel. I just started in ICU a few months ago and have been on night shift now since April 16th. The senior RN's on that shift haven't been real helpful saying that I'm cocky and I have a know it all attitude just beacuse I am a naturally quiet person till I get to know people. See my Thread "Bad Eval"

Good Luck! We are here to help!



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Have to agree....this website is unlike any other forum I frequent...people seem to be genuinely supportive of each other and don't make you feel like a complete dolt if you don't 'get' something.

Being from Australia, there's certain things that US & Canadian nurses talk about that go straight over the top of my head and I feel like I need to ask to understand what they are on about. For example, a CBC. I asked on another board what a poster meant by CBC because I was unfamiliar with the term. One respondent told me that if I had no idea what a CBC was, I was a complete idiot and that I had no right being in an acute hospital setting. Fortunately, another poster told me that it's just a complete blood count, otherwise referred to here as an FBC or full blood count.

I think sometimes people forget that our jargon varies greatly from country to country and when they've had a hard day, it's all too easy to say "what a stupid question!" Or maybe they're just err...not nice...people. Don't give up on posting your queries/frustrations/concerns. Sometimes it's just so good knowing there is somewhere you can go and just rant and rave like crazy to a bunch of strangers and know that, for the most part, they will understand.


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:( Shandy, you did not deserve the treatment you got!!!

Gawd, that kind of response when someone is genuinely reaching out for help just makes me ill.

The renal nsg section may not be hoppin' here, but the general nsg discussion is. :) I bet if you posted a question here in the general nsg section, you'd get some answers.

That poster on that other board needs to be b*tch slapped. You didn't deserve that at ALL. :(

We got your back, honey. You come here any time you need to. ;).

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I don't know about the rest of you, but gee if nurses don't support each other, especially at work...well I think we all know that management isn't going to come help or lend a shoulder to cry on or an ear to vent to. The docs won't do that for very long either. Only other nurses know what nurses put up with everyday. We take care of our own. ..kinda like soldiers fighting a battle. Any of us can come here with a problem and vent and get some reassurance, or come with a legitimate question and someone who has been a nurse longer than you will take the time to answer you, to try to help you. I especially love to see the mentoring that goes on here between the newbies and us more experienced types. Everyone keep up the good work :)) Wendy

ps if any of you are in Alabama we sure could use some of you in my ED :)


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Thanks everyone for the support. It is much appreciated. Today was a better day on the dialysis unit and I think I just needed a rest! Too much strain on the brain I guess.

I agree that we all need to support one another. It's hard enough to be a nurse in any capacity without our "own" turning daggers into our unsuspecting backs.


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