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I just took my NCLEX today...


hi there, i just took my NCLEX-RN this morning. i got shut off at 110 questions i think it was [i tried to stop looking at the number!] i only got 10 SATA's, 5 pictures, prob around 6 drugs, no calcu.....i think around the middle was when i got the SATA's but as i got near the end i a got a whole lot of priority questions...now i'm just sitting in anxiety...did anyone else experience this??

i just heard from a whole of friends that the more SATA's you have...the higher your passing rate is.....


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Do not try to analyze the test. There's no way to accurately determine whether you passed or failed based on what happened during the test. I know it's frustrating, but you just have to wait the day to get your results. You'll look back and laugh at yourself for how anxious you were to have an immediate answer.

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Kaplan said the average test taker does 140-150 questions and gets 10 nonstandard format questions. But I agree with pp, try not to analyze it. There is no way to know for sure until the results come out and trying to figure it out is only going to drive you crazy. Good luck!

i took the nclex on the 15th and it shut off at 85 questions. i was worried too because pretty much everyone said that they had majority SATA and i had only 5-6, no math, 2 drag and drops

so i agree, not getting a lot of SATA doesn't mean anything!

hoping you passed!