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  1. astralseed

    Shock Trauma OR Offer!

    Are you liking it? Where did you train to scrub? Our hospital does not have scrub nurses, but I been wanting to hop in. I'm thinking of switching hospitals that have scrub nurses in it.
  2. astralseed

    I just took my NCLEX today...

    hi there, i just took my NCLEX-RN this morning. i got shut off at 110 questions i think it was [i tried to stop looking at the number!] i only got 10 SATA's, 5 pictures, prob around 6 drugs, no calcu.....i think around the middle was when i got the SATA's but as i got near the end i a got a whole lot of priority questions...now i'm just sitting in anxiety...did anyone else experience this?? i just heard from a whole of friends that the more SATA's you have...the higher your passing rate is.....
  3. how are the post tests going for you ?
  4. hi there, i'm going to take my nclex RN this aug.26 and i have been using the ncsbn online review. i have been getting only 30-40% out of 75% on my scorecards at each of the post tests. should i be worried? i usually get half right and half wrong almost every single time; it's frustrating because i always assume i am getting more than half right when i am answering. im getting anxious :S