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I just took the NCLEX this morning and I got all 265 questions, but finished in time. I don't know if this is true, but if you answer the last question right, do you pass? I know I haven't read that anywhere, but just a thought. Well, I am totally exhausted, but I feel good about the exam :D I will keep you posted; meanwhile I am going to relax and think about my upcoming weekend plans :) Thanks to everyone that has given me support and good luck to those taking NCLEX!



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Christine - I'm so happy you have a good feeling and took your time to answer all the questions. I have heard that when you get 265 questions, it usually basis your results on your final question. An instructor at my Kaplan course told me that is true, but if that is the case I don't think that is really fair. Anyways, don't let that bother you though. You really seemed prepared for this test, so I have a lot of confidence in you that you passed. Be sure to keep us all filled in. Enjoy your weekend and try to relax now that it's over (i know, easier said than done). :) Jen

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Wish you the very, very BEST !!!

Now do as you said and just go relax and have some FUN ! Unwind.... what will be, will be . ;)

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Glad to hear you feel good about the exam. I agree, trying to relax and enjoy the weekend is the best thing to do. ( I know easier said than done) But, at least the test is over. :-)



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Relax, put your feet up, and enjoy your weekend! I'll be praying for ya!!!! I know you did well!!! Keep us posted


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Ditto 2 the above responses. Enjoy your weekend!!! I will B praying 4 U. Now.... go have some fun 2 keep your mind away from NCLEX!!!

Christine, you have a good feeling about this so you may have done OK. I have read in Kaplans books that if question 265 is above the level of difficulty needed for passing then you passed.

Relax and take it easy.


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For those of you still reading this post and wondering- NCSBN says that if you finish all 265 questions, the computer determines whether or not your performance has been consistently above the passing standard for the previous *60* questions. (This comes from the candidate bulletin)

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