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I have had it with my current job. Due to low staffing not only due to the loss of 2 full time RNs in the last few weeks, I have become fed up with this job. I took this job so I could finish my BSN but now I am called to work every day I have off, even the days I have classes. It is not that I don't want to contribute but school has been a priority for me the last several years. But my co-workers don't seem to understand that. I want to quit but I don't have another job in line. I have been applying and there is one position I am interested in. The nurse recruiter keeps reassuring me that the clinical coordinator is definitely interested in me but still hasn't called me yet. It has been about 2 weeks since I met with the nurse recruiter. I know I should not quit until I have something definite but I really dread going to work. I also don't see any immediate relief on my present job since they have hired some new grads and they just started orientation this week. And believe me, they have a long way to go until they are independent. That does not mean they will stay on this floor. Since last year not one of the several nurses they hired lasted past orientation.


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Perhaps agency nursing is for you. Give them a schedule that works for YOU. Every now and then you have to consider yourself first. It's not your fault that staffing is low. It IS your need to finish the degree. THAT is priority one.

Frankly I don't believe TPTB even CARE who leaves because there is always another warm body sooner or later.

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If they are in need, they will call......You do not have to take the hours. The poor staffing people just need to fill the shifts! They do not mean any harm! It is ok to say no, without any explaination. They will appreciate the BSN when you achieve it so keep working, and ignore the phone! You direct your career and once established as a committed education-seeker, no excuses necessary.


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I have an answering machine in which I use faithfully whenever I'm not at work.

Take care of yourself so that you may better take care of others.

The beauty of nursing is that there are soo many fields in which to work.

Peace and Love,



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agree w/ russell...i rarely work what i am not scheduled to do. and when not at work, i don't think about work, i don't call work, i don't go into work....(get my drift?).........i don't bring it home. I REFUSE to be used up.....care for YOURSELF first, hon, or else you can't care for others for much longer. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!;)


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All work and no play can make marg nurse a dull person, let alone a self-abuser. No one wants that.

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I agree. I definitely think I need a break. I think I will give them notice and focus on my courses this summer. Anyway, the classes this summer are really time consuming and difficult. Maybe that is because they are the last courses before I graduate. Also I can't remember the last time I had some actual time off. The time I have asked for off last was for some minor surgery and for exit exam. I am a little worried if this job I have my eye on does not pan out but I guess if it doesn't I will have other options.


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Perhaps you can take off for a year, if you can live on your school loans, or until you find another job. I did that for a year while completing my BSN. I was in the poorhouse for awhile....hmmm still am, but was worth it.


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Your education is number one. They can call registry if they need be. Why should you be stressed out over it? It is not your problem you work the days specified and that is all she wrote. Don't answer the phone!! Screen your calls! You finish schooling first and farmost because when or if this shortage is over you think they care about why you didn't finish your BSN if it were suddenly a requirement, but because you worked for them beyond the call of duty you neglected to finish!

Right now my job is very busy and because I like working with them I dont mind working extra. When I start school this coming fall I wont' commit myself as much because my education is number one everything else is irrevelant. Their are too many options for you to make money while obtaining your degree. Never let anyone or anything feel you are at their mercy! good luck on your endeavor take care. :-)

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