I have no idea how to study


Hello my fellow nurses(or nurses to be)!

So, I am in health and wellness, and it is the first class that is like the nursing style test questions. I am so use to studying via flashcards. Now, I just feel like a lost puppy. I have been going over a lot of threads on how to study and have noticed that a lot of people are saying to practice NCLEX questions, however, no material from this class will be on the nclex, I can use those tips next semester in fundamentals, but for now I need a different study tactic. I have no idea how to study or even where to start. Can you give me step by step how you study.

I would really appreciate it. I failed my fist exam and I am freaking out.

thanks y'all!


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I usually studied by making master study sheets from the lectures that cover the topics covered on the tests. In this master study sheet I generally made all the associations about each concept that included all vocabulary that was either new or necessary. So what did making this study sheet do? Well just making it made me organize the concepts in a way that it made sense to me. I usually did not study the weird extraneous facts unless it was specifically mentioned in the lecture.

Now that the study sheet is made I kept it with me always. Anytime I had a free moment I would read it over and discuss out loud the pertinent facts, just like I was explaining it to someone else. I always read it before bed because studies show that your mind processes the last thing you see first and gives it more importance. Learned that in a semester survival class for one credit hour.

I also recorded the lectures and listened to then while drive or out exercising. Mastery of the information isn't just learning facts, it is also learning relationships between concepts. Do what ever you need to do to understand how systems work together for homeostasis.

One last thing, which might be a touchy subject. Are you a RN or LPN? If you are then cool, but if you are not then please don't refer to yourself as a nurse.

"Hello my fellow nurses!"

Many here are not nurses but are students. It may seem a minor issue in vernacular, but nurse is a title that is earned after finally passing the NCLEX. Just making you aware.

Good luck.


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I am an RN in my country.


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Cool, just checking. Keep checking, there should be a great deal of information coming your way.


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thanks for your input! do you happen to have an example on how these study sheets look? I am a very visual person!

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After work I will search for one of my old sheets. It is really like an outline or point list. Nothing real visually different.

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Being a visual learner, have you tried concept maps? Google them for examples. They basically consist of all of your important concepts or vocabulary just written anywhere on a large sheet of paper (the brainstorming part). Then you link concepts/topics using arrows or lines. You can use different colours for different ideas. I really like them and also prefer them to linear care plans. They seem to make everything fit together :)

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Good day, rob4546:

May I ask a favor? Would you mind posting a finished master study sheet(s) or emailing a copy to peter@2abraham.com so I can see what a completed work looks like?

Thank you.


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Thanks rob4546 and Carpediem1012 .

I never did concept maps before, I will try it out.

Thanks so much y'all!


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This is confusing, I don't understand. If you are an RN what I don't understand is when you said it's the first class with nursing style questions? Are you pursuing an advanced degree? Just curious, trying to understand.


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Very important that you approach your instructor for help, especially since you failed the first exam. They are in the best position to help you with study tips for this material. Also, by showing interest, you build a positive impression. If you end up on the borderline, the instructor is persuaded to use discretion to give you the benefit of the doubt.

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does your school offer tutoring, or contact information on whom to hire as a tutor? You may only need a few sessions.