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i was going to include this with my previous post but it was getting pretty long and this is fairly off topic.

so i finally did it, i bought a pda. i did lots of comparisons and read lots of reviews (i also found handy on http://www.zdnet.com/ they had short video clips of different devices and in depth reviews). when it comes down to it, for the price, the dell axim x50 seems to be the best for me. i'm going to be taking behavioral health and social services next year for college and i'm wondering if there would be programs (more in physch nursing/aide) that could help me.

things that weren't important to me were a digital camera or internet use because i figure that would cost extra, much like a cell phone and my computer and does all that just fine, and when it comes to writing a lot, i prefer a keyboard (that didn't cost me $80 extra bucks). i also wanted a pocket pc because i read their handwriting thing is better. i tried the palm pilots graffiti thing and i don't want to have to learn how to write a different way just to take a few notes. i'm also used to windows so that's why i went with the ppc. thought the zire 72 was cheaper i wanted a bigger screen and the tuesung (spelling?) 5 didn't have a changeable battery (not without sending it into a shop), and the lifedrive would have been awesome - but too expensive. i like the fact that it uses flash so if the battery dies your stuff is still saved (at least that's how my tech-savvy brother explained it to me). i like the fact that there's a lock function so it won't accidently turn on and waste battery life. and i really wanted a bright colorful screen, i also think i'll use landscape mode a lot more than the regular view. plus the headphone jack works with regular headphones so you don't need an adaptor.

is it safe to assume that pocket word on the pda will have the same type of file as wordperfect 10 on my computer? what about excel for pda and quatro pro 10 for computer? i'm wondering if i'm going to have to buy a program to make them sync.

some of the things i plan to do with it: games :) (i'm hoping to find a good/free texas 'hold em game), personal financing, keeping my work schedule and other plans, grocery list and maybe recipes (does anyone know of any programs - even if for just the computer, that can help me keep these in order/readily available), possibly journal entries, phone numbers and more importantly (cause my cell phone does that) addresses, it comes with windows media player so i'll probably put some mp3's on it (wasn't a need, but it came with it so what they heck), there is a voice recorder which will be great for lectures if they allow it. i was thinking about adding gps but i haven't found any good ones that'll fit my budget so i'll just stick with downloading maps off mapquest from my computer to my pda. it won't be exactly the same, (i won't have any you are here or take a right after this street type of things) but it's free =d .

anyway on the dell site, i didn't add anything if it wasn't free because i found another site with all the extras for less then what they were selling it for. total $254 then i spent $97 more (as opposed to about $127) for a case, screen protectors and extended battery at http://www.aximcases.com . i'll worry about a memory card when the time comes that i'd need it, but i've got a year 'till school and prices would probably be less then.

there's a sale on right now for 35% of the axims plus a free windows mobile upgrade for the new addition that comes out in october. but they may actually have better sales later when they do the whole back to school thing.

anyways, it should be here in about more days. can't wait to try it out.



I bought a pocket pc-- Ipaq 4355. It has microsoft word so mine is compatiable w/ the version on my computer. I am not completely computer savvy but I know it works! I love my Ipaq and I am sure you will too!

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I wouldnt bet on word perfect working with it - but I might be wrong...

You also might check on software requirements for your chosen course of study at your college. Some universities require very specific software. If you have to purchase office, you can buy the student edition - its a full fledged version, but its a LOT cheaper!!!!!


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if you have to purchase office, you can buy the student edition - its a full fledged version, but its a lot cheaper!!!!!

thanks :)


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free PDA software downloads

here is a list of free PDA software......... looks like there are alot of free downloads........ hope this helps. :)

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I was looking at the dell axim X50V. I'm PDA illiterate though and don't understand about adding memory? software for nursing students (starting the lpn-rn program) and battery life? It says it has an extra battery? For memory can it take the 1G or 512 ram memory cards for downloading information for clinicals? tia for any info


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It is best to install your desired programs onto the SD card, rather than the PDA's built in memory. This saves your memory on the machine for RUNNING the programs!

Get the biggest SD card you can afford.


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If you like games, especifically from the original "NES" (Nintendo), there is an emulator for pocket PC to run Nintendo games likes Mario Bros I, II, III , Megaman, Pacman, Double Dragon, Metroid, and all your all time favorites. ALL FOR FREE!! You can also get all the games for free, it is so cool!!! You can make your PDA into a gameboy!!!


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So, what are the main things you plan to do w/ the ppc? I had considered a laptop, for notes and whatnot. Is a ppc recommended for NS? I'm not really interested in the games, and I have an ipod, do you think it would be worth it? Just curious :)



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Buy the personal computer or PDA and skip the laptop.

IMO, Laptops are overpriced with their comparitive specs to your home computer (usually). The $1-2,000 you are going to spend on a laptop would buy you a new home computer a PDA and plenty of software.

You can carry your PDA in your pocket at clinicals and on the job. You can load into it, a lab guide, a drug reference, assesment programs, medical dictionaries, etc etc and then upgrade them without having to buy brand new (HEAVY) books.

Your laptop is easily stolen, your PDA is in your pocket.

Some of our clinical instructors would not allow you to return to your conference room (even if on the same floor) to retrieve reference material. Problem solved if your references are in your pocket.

Having a technological edge on your studies can be very helpful if you are savvy enough to use it. I also use the alarm function (vibrate) to alert me to med times, q15 minute vitals, rechecking the effectiveness of PRN analgesics etc etc so that I could always stay on task.

I still do the same thing on the job as in a frazzle, things are easily forgotten and as a student........your name is FRAZZLE.

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i don't have the one you do, but i am happy with my smartphone. it really is like carrying a 900+ page book without the weight of course. congratulations on your purchase and make the most out of it! :)


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alright so i got it today. delivery was super fast becuase it was actually sent to my house a few days ago but no one was home to sign for it. the rest of my goodies from the other website will take a little bit long so i went to the store to buy some cheep screen protectors so i can use it now :)

anyway i'll tell ya how i like it or if they're any gripes along the way

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