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As for laptops - well - laptops do a LOT more than a PDA, so one does not really replace the other.

I have both - along with a desktop machine to use at home. Again - for me a laptop could not replace my desktop machine, nor could a desk top replace my laptop.

The pda makes things pocket sized, but not fully functional!


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hey do any of you know how to turn off the auto update for the free epocrates program - it's just anoying that it comes up every time i activesync and turn on my pda.

Specializes in ICU, ER, HH, NICU, now FNP.

There should be a setting somewhere for it - I don't remember where and I don't use it anymore, so I can't tell you exactly where it is.


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I've been lurking around (aka drooling) the PDA sections in Circuit City and Best Buy for a while. I'll undoubtedly buy one before I go to school.

Last night we were looking at the Palm LifeDrive. If I had to choose today, that's the one I'd go with. It had a 4GB (!) memory, it could play video, had WiFi. The guy at Circuit City said that they had other nursing students as well as med students buy it. It looked like it was the one that would best suit my needs.

But I'm not there... YET! :D


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Try arcamedes (spelling?) or skyscape on the web (not sure of exact web address) but they're supposed to have great nursing programs. I'm just beginning my PDA journey and a fellow co-worker said these sites were great!

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