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I regret to say that my girlfriend did not pass the NCLEX. If I were to venture a guess, I'd say she stressed out. She took all 265 questions which tells me either she was borderline, but just couldn't get over the hump.

So here is the question: She took the test in TX (where she got her education); how does she go about licensure in CA? Will the fingerprints done for TX licensure suffice for CA? Will she have to go through the process of applying by initial exam, even though this is her second try, or will she just have to fill out the app for reexamination, plus have her school submit transcripts?

Thanks in advance for the insight.


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Her best move would be to contact the California BON and find out what she needs to do (in addition, of course, to passing the NCLEX).


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Her best move would be to contact the California BON and find out what she needs to do (in addition, of course, to passing the NCLEX).

Yeah, I was planning to, but I'm an avg. joe just wanting immediate gratification (present company not included), and because Mon is a holiday, we'll have to wait until Tuesday :crying2:


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I'm currently studying for the Ontario version of NClex. What a nightmare! All of the nurses where I am doing my consolidation say that I know what I'm doing... I know my patho, medications, psych, etc, etc, etc. Unfortunately, I try way too hard on the stupid prep tests and stress myself out. I read too much into the questions, etc. Half of the battle of writing these stupid exams is learning how to adapt yourself to them. I'll keep trying. Good luck to your girlfriend.


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hello there! if anybody stumbles around in my post message...I am an lvn to rn program and finishing a 3 months, however, i had a little messed up incident while at my psych rotation weeks ago. one of my classmate was interviewing her client and there was a couple of students standing around "observing" the interview. In the meantime, this happened in the public dayroom at the psych place.

I was very nervous during that time because I have never been around psych before...i am a new grad lvn, but never in lvn school that we rotated in psych hospitals. anyway, sometime came up to me, I dont know what...I must have been nervous or something, and I wanted some attention from my classmate...I ended up making funny faces for a few seconds to get attention from my classmate. after she gave me a smile, I stopped. Of all places...I was in my psych rotation....what was I thinking!!!!! I have now realized that it was poor judgement on my part, and I come across as an insensitive individual. However, my clinical instructors are about to expel me out of the rn program for that incident and they said that i will reported to the board for patient abuse. all i did was putting my thumb in my nose and made funny faces to get attention from a classmate.

i feel that i am facing capital punishment for my action. and the punishment is not fair.



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Did your instructors give you a chance to explain. I agree that you couldn't have chosen a worse place to do it but even so, everyone makes mistakes and having made this one you are unlikely to do it again. Do you think they are just scaring you or are they serious, it seems a bit over the top to me.

Good luck.


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You might also consider getting an attorney. There are potential issues that you might be able to raise if other students have done the same behavior and not been punished in the same manner. You might be able to raise equal protection, first amendment, and due process objections especially if you attend a STATE institution. Your school might decide to GIVE in rather than fight, even if they think that they will win because the publicity would not be good for them. You screwed up and used poor judgement. You should be punished, not have your life destroyed (I might require the students to write a twenty page paper on why the behavior was not appropriate). If they want to play hardball, then give them a game they will remember.

You might also consider going to them and offering to do voluntary service at a public health (preferably mental) institution as punishment rather than being expelled from the program. Before going on the offensive, express sincere, profound regret for the laspe in judgement.


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emmy and roland...thank you for the support & advice. in the meantime, I will be facing a disciplinary hearing this monday. I am very anxious at this time & I am pregnant, I have been crying in the last 3 days (these hormones). I am looking into

my options closely. I feel that the punishment does not fit the crime. There was a time that I was confronted by my instructors, and I have admitted that I was trying to make my classmate smile. I also said I was sorry. But they were not receptive with what I have to say. I messed up, but I have worked very hard in this program and I have dedicated my life to nursing. I could not think of anything else worth doing.

I have never abused anybody in my life, and for them to say that making funny faces with my classmate was abusing the entire unit, it was devastating for me to hear that. I pray that this issues will resolve. I deserve to be reprimanded. But to be expelled without warning is a capital punishment. I really need help.

I hope others may learn from my mistake. God bless

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The punishment does not fit the offense. You were not taking narcotics, you have no criminal record, you did not give the wrong med to the wrong pt at the wrong time, etc. etc.Those are the things that should meet what you are about to receive. I just hope your instructors are frightening you, and that you will get by with just a reprimand.

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I imagine you are upset and anxious about Monday. My best advice would to be explain your learning process that came from your bad judgement. You have to understand the underlying inuendos that complicate what seems to be a little cute immature act. You have to understand that the mere fact these people are in a psyc ward leave them to ridicule by the general population in most cases. Most cases they are having exaserbation of their conditions, some see things, hear voices, etc. And all understand what "people" think about them. So your actions could be seen as very undignified and belittling to the patients you were there to help treat, further decreasing their feelings of self worth and value. I dont know if anyone else either working there or another patient saw your minute of lack of judgement and that may have something to do with how your instructors are handling it. Be candid with your meeting, and let them know you understand your actions were out of place and even admit you may have acted out of your own discomfort in the situation. If they understand you have learned a lesson from your misjudgement they may have a little leniency on you. After all you are there for a "learning" experience.

Maybe you can get a copy of state regs about what consitutes patient abuse, and prepare a presentation for your classmates. I've said for a long time there is not enough time spent on sensitivity training in nursing schools, just MHO. Believe me the things they consider abuse is what you and I "normal" folks say and do to each other every day. Something as simple as "clown" or "silly" can be construed as verbal abuse if you call the wrong person these things.

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Meownsmile, I love your reply message. It's a winner in my book.

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