I am a guy and on my way to becoming an RN

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Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I am in west tn and attending jackson state community college. I just started this year. I am looking forward to learing from ya'll

Thanks for such a great forum.


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My husband is also from TN (Murfreesboro). We now live in NC. I wish you the best of luck in college.

Take Care



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Hey, Im in East TN working on my RN but have decided to do my LPN first so I'm working on that this year. Good luck!


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welcome and good luck.


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I am in western ky........just north of you. good luck

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Welcome! :D

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Welcome to nursing. Hope you enjoy school(well, some parts!) Here's one female (among most) who are thrilled to have a new nurse to be. As long as you have good sense and ethics, I welcome any gender, any race, any religion, anybody!!

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I am in Nashville, TN and starting school next year. Just discovered this forum myself and have been absorbing all the posts, too.


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