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I don't think that I did too well. I am utterly devasted. I really did so much to prepare. I just don't know what I could have done differently. How can I tell if I truly failed. Also, does the computer randomly pick persons to take all 265 questions? Thank you


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Yes, the computer does have to have so many people answer all 265 for data purposes... Two people I work with took the test two weeks ago, they boy had 265 questions and passed...

The NCSBN states that the NCLEX test is adaptive. Each student receives questions drawn from a much larger 'pool' of questions, each of pre-determined difficulty.

The difficulty of each question depends on your success in answering the previous question; if you got one correct, the next one is a little bit harder. If you got one wrong, the next one is a little bit easier.

The test is programmed to ask questions that get progressively harder until the student begins to miss approximately 50% of the questions.

At any time after 75 questions, the computer assesses the student's performance. If the difficulty level is consistently above the passing mark, then the computer stops and the exam is over. If the difficulty level is clearly so low that there is no way that the student can pass, the computer also stops and the exam is over.

So - cutting off at 75 is either a really good thing, or a really bad thing.

No one gets all 265 questions at random. For students who answer all 265 questions, it means that the computer 'just couldn't tell'. Once the machine stops at 265, it then looks at how difficult the last 60 or so questions were that you answered successfully to make its determination.

The biggest point is this: everyone should leave the test feeling like "I didn't know HALF of that stuff". The difficulty levels will be different for each student, but the feeling is the same "I only knew half".

This is radically different from the more conventional testing method in which we all would panic if we "didn't know half" = that would mean we made a 50 on an exam and basically failed.

You can't use those feelings here - you don't ever get a 'grade' on the NCLEX, only pass or fail. For those who are not successful, a report is provided on content areas that were deemed weak. For those that pass - no report is ever given.

I hope that this helps to clear up any confusion - best of luck to you as you tough out the next few days waiting!!!

We'll all keep our fingers crossed for you!!!



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Your answer explains this test in the most accurate way I have ever seen. Please save this answer for future threads that will ask this question again. :) Beth

Hi whinnymay,

I hope you hear soon about your results. Waiting is the worst part.

I will continue to pray for your sanity. Hang in there!

And John, definitely pass this along to any and all posts that ask about numbers...Raphael is right, it is the best answer I've seen anywhere!

God Bless Whinnymay,


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