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So, new grad RN here! I am 6 weeks away from finishing my ED orientation. I absolutely hate the ED, the bullies and the orientation has been all over the place w/ different preceptors every other week. I applied for my dream job in L&D and I got the call for an interview at the same hospital. They (unit educators) did mention that if at any point we are not happy we'd be able to go elsewhere. Will this make me look bad, not finishing the orientation? My interview is next week and I've already built a rapport with the UE and manager while I did a rotation in L&D. Not sure when or if I will be offered a position and what that transfer will look like. HELPPP

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What, precisely, is your question?

6 weeks isn't that long to wait it out and then transfer.  A lot of these interview situations usually take 4 to 6 weeks to process anyway, so by the time your orientation is done, you'd probably be free.

I would probably ask the L&D people first, what the transfer process would look like or if it's even possible to go from the ED to L&D.  They should probably have an idea of what can be done during and after an orientation. You want to make sure to check about the process of transferring first because what if you could only work in the ED after orientation or else you'll be dismissed?  The reason I'm thinking it's easier to ask L&D is because it won't clue the ED to you wanting to leave and then they make life even harder or just dismiss you outright (some places can be vindictive).  If you have an HR office, you could also possibly ask there if after orientation, are you free to transfer to another floor.  

I wouldn't just outright quit the ED orientation/internship because if you did, it may blacklist you for the entire hospital and then you would be completely out of a job - ED and L&D.

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