I got needlestuck :P


Well, today I became an Exposed. Thanks to a half-closed angiocath that was tossed on the floor with some towels, I was stuck in the left ringfinger. I felt the stick and saw it wasn't bleeding, so I almost thought I was off the hook, but then it bled. Gah. I was a blood brother with a 56 year old 300 pound dude in full DTs, combative, in restraints, in kidney failure and respiratory distress. While I was getting my blood drawn, he was getting urgently intubated.

Incident report filled out, source was drawn, I was drawn. Luckily the patient is negative for HIV, hep B, and hep C. Recent negative blood cultures. Negative urine and sputum growth, if that matters.

I have to go back in six weeks, three months, and six months for blood tests. And no sex for six months, since we don't do condoms, and I don't know if I'd trust them anyway. o_O

Anything else I should do? I'll discuss it with the critical care director tomorrow. I'm curious what tests exactly are being done. I know I should've asked, but I was busy at the time! I'm assuming a Hep B surface antigen. Hep C antibody quantity? Are there any other blood tests I should ask for?

Any other needlestuck folks out there? I know everything will probably turn out negative. It's still a big pain in the butt.



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Either way, I would hate to be in your shoes. I wish you the best of luck with it all.

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I think odds are in your favor. I wish you the best of luck.

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Sounds for sure like the odds are in your favor. I think my husband would divorce me if I said no sex for 6 months LOL, He would say he would just take his chances and I would have to get it in writing I guess LOL

I hope it all turns out ok.

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Sorry you're going through all this! Here's hoping everything works out for the best....sounds like the odds are in your favor.


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That sucks- I was stuck about a month and a half ago. All they did was draw a hep panel and hiv testing on patient. The only blood drawn from me was to see if my hep B titer was still good. All tests on patient were negative but man that was hell until i heard that call. Sounds like all will be fine for you also- but i know how it feels. No sex for 6 months??? They didnt tell me that?? I wonder why it would be different for different people????


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There is a possibility that a person can be infected with HIV and it not show up on a test for some time. I'm not up on my HIV stuff (probably should be. . .) but don't people usually get tested once and then again in six weeks. . . or 6 months, or something like that. Anyways, not to frighten anyone, and it's great that the pt tested negative for HIV, BUT you should still ask your doctor about meds because there is the possibility that the pt is infected --and can spread the disease-- before he will test positive for it.

better to take precautions with partners and anti-seroconversion meds (though they are rough on the system and me keep you at home for the duration) than regret having not done so in years to come. Just my thoughts.

Safe and healthy thoughts and prayers to you!

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I stuck myself while transferring blood I drew off a central line into a red-top...very stupid, and it certainly changed the way I performed that task after that moment. The patient was a chronic IV drug abuser (yikes). Luckily we both initially tested negative. I was offered antiretrovirals, which I took until the labs came back clean. Then I was advised at that point that they were not necessary (though I was free to continue them). The hospital set up the 6 month recheck, and my family doc suggested the one year follow up, due to the off chance that HIV had not shown up yet in the patient when I was initially tested. Years later, I am ok (thank God...). It was very scary and it changed the way I practice for the better. That being said, it still happens. I can't count the number of times I have been surprised to find a needle in bedding, on a ledge, various places a needle should not be, just waiting for an unsuspecting victim.

As for the six months without sex...sounds a bit extreme to me. Condoms, yes...for sure! The only way I would go celibate in that situation is if I were allergic to condoms...I guess it could happen?? I know condoms are not 100 % effective but if the initial screen is negative, I understand the chances are quite small, and that appropriate condom usage is adequate. Just my :twocents:.

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