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justjRN has 4 years experience and specializes in Rehab.

I work in a rehabilitation hospital.

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  1. justjRN

    What is your attendance policy?

    Ours was recently changed due to some staff taking advantage of the previous policy which was similar to yours- you could call in one time every 3 months and then you'd have a clean slate again. Now we get 4 in a year with 2 tardies counting as one absence ( even a minute late). Once you are to 4 absences you're on grounds for termination. Sucks.
  2. justjRN

    I got needlestuck :P

    That sucks- I was stuck about a month and a half ago. All they did was draw a hep panel and hiv testing on patient. The only blood drawn from me was to see if my hep B titer was still good. All tests on patient were negative but man that was hell until i heard that call. Sounds like all will be fine for you also- but i know how it feels. No sex for 6 months??? They didnt tell me that?? I wonder why it would be different for different people????
  3. justjRN

    please i need your prayers

    I am so sorry - i will be praying for your husband to continue improving.
  4. justjRN

    Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    OMG the 911 ones!!! That reminded me of the pt i had one night who was "pleasantly confused" - called 911 from her room at 2am b/c she needed to have a bowel movement! We didnt know it until the 911 dispatch called us to inform us of our pt's need!!!
  5. justjRN

    Oh no! please...please not that

    cleaning dentures!!! i dont know why but it makes me gag... the little chunks of gooey food and thick stringy spit.... BLECH!! give me trachs, puke, poop, blood, guts.... just no dentures!!!
  6. justjRN

    Managers asking me to forgo sleep for meetings!

    wow I cant believe they expect that from you!!! Totally unreasonable!!! Our hospital offers 3 days with 7a and 1500 times each day for a meeting each month. That usually accomodates most ppl.
  7. justjRN

    Got a job offer at a rehab hospital - need advice

    Hi! Congrats on being a new grad! I started off at a rehabilitation hospital as a new grad a year and a half ago and am still working there. You really get to see a little bit of everything and you will still have IVPB's, Neb tx's, wound vac's, stumps, trachs, GT's/PEG's/TF's, dialysis patients, PICCs,portacaths I/O caths (especially with spinal cord), halo's, craniotomies/ bone flaps, Burn patients... LOTS!! So yes, I believe it would be a great place for you to learn and start to get a great base for your med/surg skills. Good thing about rehab (my opinion) is that you can really get to know the patients. Most are there weeks and some months even. I love seeing the progress patients make. Especially alot of the brain injury patients- some will come in coma awakening and leave walking and talking doing great. Amazing. As for ratios- i think it is the norm for rehab units/hospitals to have higher ratios due to the patients being "more medically stable" Our day ratio (7a-11p) is 1 nurse and tech to 5 or 6 patients. Night is one nurse and tech to 8-9 patients. I work 7p-7a shift and it can get pretty crazy with 9 patients.But i think our hosp. tries to get all the high acuity patients they can. Hopefully with your 11-13 they are not all/most high acuity? That might be something you would want to ask them. Good luck to you!!!
  8. justjRN

    Verbally Abusive Patients!

    Sorry you have to hear that - this guy sounds like a complete moron. I like mr ian's idea- tell them you will come back. Even several times if needed. Let's them know YOU are in control. I always like the saying ( maybe this is not word for word)- "be nice to your nurse- they choose the size of the needle" :)
  9. I am thrilled you want to pluck the pills out of the med cup and put them all in your other hand- I am sure you will not drop any of them, but then when you do ask me frantically "which one did i drop?? Was it the pain med??!" Pretty sure using soap when you wash your hands is optimal. Not just waving your hands under the water twice then drying them after you wiped yourself PRN pain meds = as needed, not scheduled so dont yell at me when i dont wake you up at 4 am from a sound sleep for your prn pain pill. You are in a rehabilitation hospital. What part of "can we bring anything in for you" dont you understand over the call light system and you just say "yeah" or "my nurse" Then I come in and you ask for pain medicine. Not like we were trying to save a trip or anything or even bring the meds in more timely for you. Now i have to trek all the way back to the other end of the unit to the med dispense which is next to the nurse station and call light phone we just asked you if we could bring you anything/what you needed. Much better! thanks for letting me vent!!