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justjRN has 15 years experience and specializes in med surg.

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  1. Med-Surg IV Meds

    Hi there! CONGRATS on the new position! I’ve worked med surg about 6 years now and these are my most common iv push meds reglan, Pepcid, toradol, morphine,dilaudid,Lasix, solumedrol at times, protonix and zofran (lots of zofran!!) IV meds are usuall...
  2. Transition to bedside shift reporting

    Good old bedside report.. We have been forced to do it for several years- I don’t mind it as much anymore. Like others have said it does take longer most times- my opinion what takes longer are the requests made by patient during/just after report be...
  3. I work med surg and our hospital recently started new protocol that ER does not call report to floor patient is being admitted to. We are told we will be getting ER patient such and such and what they are generally being admitted for and to expect th...
  4. What is your attendance policy?

    Ours was recently changed due to some staff taking advantage of the previous policy which was similar to yours- you could call in one time every 3 months and then you'd have a clean slate again. Now we get 4 in a year with 2 tardies counting as one ...
  5. How to artfully dodge conversation?

    These type of patients are manipulative of your time- whether they realize it or not sorry to say. Easiest thing i have found to do is tell a CNA, secretary or even the charge nurse to call my zone phone if i am not out of the room in such and such...
  6. I got needlestuck :P

    That sucks- I was stuck about a month and a half ago. All they did was draw a hep panel and hiv testing on patient. The only blood drawn from me was to see if my hep B titer was still good. All tests on patient were negative but man that was hell un...
  7. how much do you make an hour/year?

    Wow... i dont think st. louis is paying us enough!! RN almost 2 years experience 20.86 base, 2.75 night diff. GN's in the area start at $19/hr
  8. switching to bedside report

    thank you all for your input!
  9. switching to bedside report

    Our facility is switching to bedside report in april- we have been doing report in person at the nurse station otherwise... i was wondering if anyone had some feedback on bedside report? Does it work for you? Pros/cons? How has your facility dealt wi...
  10. Question about Digital Stimulation

    We have a spinal cord injury unit so I am unfortunately all too familiar with bowel routines!! Our procedure: Give suppository to pt in bed and let it melt for approx 10-20 min. Then we get pt up to a shower chair (a good high back one for a quad ...
  11. please i need your prayers

    I am so sorry - i will be praying for your husband to continue improving.
  12. Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    OMG the 911 ones!!! That reminded me of the pt i had one night who was "pleasantly confused" - called 911 from her room at 2am b/c she needed to have a bowel movement! We didnt know it until the 911 dispatch called us to inform us of our pt's need!!!
  13. Oh no! please...please not that

    cleaning dentures!!! i dont know why but it makes me gag... the little chunks of gooey food and thick stringy spit.... BLECH!! give me trachs, puke, poop, blood, guts.... just no dentures!!!
  14. Managers asking me to forgo sleep for meetings!

    wow I cant believe they expect that from you!!! Totally unreasonable!!! Our hospital offers 3 days with 7a and 1500 times each day for a meeting each month. That usually accomodates most ppl.
  15. Got a job offer at a rehab hospital - need advice

    Hi! Congrats on being a new grad! I started off at a rehabilitation hospital as a new grad a year and a half ago and am still working there. You really get to see a little bit of everything and you will still have IVPB's, Neb tx's, wound vac's, stum...