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I got a call today from the director of Midwestern University and she offered me a spot. I am so excited!!! I have to move to another state now but I dont really care. Thanks for all the great information provided on this site


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Congratualtions! :balloons:

Can I ask how much the tuition is at Midwestern University? Where is it located? There are so few schools west of the Mississippi!

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Congratulations. Best of luck to you.



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That's great news. You are the first person out of AZ I know of that got in. At least five people from my hospital alone got in too. It should be a really fun group of people.


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Congratulations and success in school. I am confident you will do great.


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Congratulations btw02......best of luck to you......if you don't mind me asking, how long were you in the ICU? When did you begin sending out applications? I ask because I am interested in starting a NAP around the same time as you are now.......once again.......Congrats!


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Congratulations! It's always exciting to hear when people get in! Good luck.


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Congratulations..... :) :)


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Congrats! Midwestern Univ. is in Wichita Falls, TX (45mins from OK border or Ft. Sill which is close to it). Believe me theres no Fall there (its small!). Its near Airforce bases and Ft. Sill, OK (I went to army basic there right out of highschool in summer of 2000...hooahh!) I also was accepted to Midwestern Univ. but for nursing school, I decided not to go and to stay in my state and get my BSN here (better schools). But hope you love it and congrats! I miss Texas, and their 70 mph highways...lol (want to live there after school) was stationed at Ft. Hood for 2 yrs. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!! :)


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The Midwestern U. mentioned here is in Phoenix, AZ, not the one in TX. They have a new CRNA program that begins this year.

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Please share your experiences with us while you learn Anesthesia!


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CONGRATS!! Good Luck to you!!

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