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I am getting sick of working in ICU...


so...i am getting so paranoid lately working in icu...i am just hanging in there till i get into CRNA school hopefuly by september 2011. Thats the only thing keeping me in the icu i work in. I work as a float icu in a big hospital (900+) bed...i am learning a lot, good for my resume but really really getting to me...All the isolation patients....ewwww...does anyone feel that way? I have never felt this way before...i was a telemetry, stepdown nurse a couple of years back...i couldnt wait till i get to icu...so i went to a community hospital icu where it's so laid back and felt like it wouldnt take me to where i want to go so i went to the hospital i am in right now...i am learning a lot for sure...but just wondering if anyone is feeling the same way???? and plus does it really matter what kind of icu, where u work as long as its icu?



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I'm not at all clear from your post why "you're sick of working in ICU". Isolation patients?


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what is it about the icu you hate so much? patients? family? MSa? other nurses?

You should learn to be a GOOD ICU nurse before going to CRNA school and not just working there until you get in.

Why are you paranoid?

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My understanding is that CRNA programs want you to have a great understanding of mechanical ventilation, hemodynamic monitoring, and vasoactive IV medications. There may be ICUs where you see more of this, but I have friends that have been accepted into CRNA programs with experience ranging from MICU, SICU, CVICU and Neuro ICU. Good luck!