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  1. LOL...thanks everyone. I took the test today and in the middle of the test I realized that this isnt for me. I exited in the middle of the exam. How can non-technical people be given these hard tests????? Anyhow...i will no longer seek employment with Epic...I will stick with bedside for now and look for infrmatics job else where...thanks!!! I have not read not one good response about epic in any blog...and Wisconsin...NO...what was I thinking???????
  2. verbal and math questions??? hmmm...i did something similar mixed with personality questions already. Its called Rembrandt profile test. They have some verbal question like if tiger:hunt what would fish:___ something like that as well as algebra questions. In my skills assessment question, I was told to have two parts...."...The first is a logic-based expression evaluation set. It tells you about a set of operators (like +, -, >, The second assessment is a paper-and-pencil programming exercise. You may use any of the following languages: C, C++, C#, Pascal, BASIC, Visual BASIC or JAVA. We are focusing on logic and problem solving, not syntax, which is why we also accept pseudocode..." I understand the first part...but the second part i am nervous about...I kind of refreshed my C++ knowledge but it has been so so long time ago that i may not have time to fully understand it....I kind of feel i may fail but i will give it a try.... But my main concern now is that....will they certify me being I will be their employee? I know most of my friends who are epic certified because their employers (i.e. hospitals) sent them to get the training for 3 months or so...but being their employee, will they really certify me? I am willing to put up with all their non-sense, only if I will be certified at the end. So that once i leave, I can become a consultant. And another thing i want to know is about their non-compete contract...once you leave epic, ex-employee is not allowed to work for any of their clients (i.e hospitals who use Epic)...is that really true????? what kind of things can an ex-employee do after leaving epic??? Bedside nursing LOL LOL or work for them till life...
  3. Yes...i wanted to see any other nurse who have gone through this experience before? I find it so weird that they are giving me skills test which is mainly coding (well pseudocodes are acceptable LOL) as if I know either...and they've taken RNs with no computer backgrounds so was wondering if they were also given coding exams or something different?
  4. Hi all, I applied to epic RN analyst position to be trained in wisconsin and work there as well. However, I was given a personality test/IQ test and my position is changed to interface analyst/technical project manager. And had a phone interview already and awaiting to take skills test. Although I have a computer science degree prior to nursing, I have never worked with it and have forgotten to do coding. I have been a nurse for 5+ years and in need of change right now. So As i searched the internet i got negatives reviews about the company and how they overwork their employees...60-70 hrs a week with no overtime and how young and inexperienced their employees are. Well it sort of expected of corporate structure...but i am doing it for the experience to one day be able to become a consultant myself. However, I need to know if there are any nurses who have gone through these processes. What are the skills test like? How is the working environment? Any regrets from abandoning nursing? Please your advice is greatly appreciated. thanks
  5. jmeng

    Male Nurses and Female Doctors

    why not? i am not a male nurse, but i dont see why not
  6. jmeng

    Nursing school students problem.is it racism???

    LOL that was funny. reason why racism still exists!!
  7. congra on ur acceptance!!! I unfortunately applied to only one school. So i will do the same next year to different schools. I will not reapply to UMDNJ.
  8. jmeng

    Nursing school students problem.is it racism???

    well well well said....in my four years of nursing experience, i am seeing changes. Things are changing for good at work places...but still more to go!!!!
  9. same here...official letter of REJECTION!!!!
  10. About 3 years ago i resigned from a job while i was in orientation due to some emergency circumstances. I had worked for the facility for almost 3 years on another unit. I wrote a letter of resignation describing my circumstance and how I dont think it would be wise for the hospital to continue to train me. Everything went fine without any issues until recently to find out I am on their do not hire list. In the mean time, I got good reference from the manager of the unit I had worked in. What should I do? I told my HR the circumstance now and she said she would get back to me with the information. The hospital I am looking for to be hired is a state hospital. Are they really strict with this kind of things? thanks
  11. jmeng

    CRNA school after bankruptcy

    u cant join the army if you have filed for bankruptcy
  12. jmeng

    Has anyone heard from UMDNJ?

    Any acceptance or rejections? The wait is killing me...
  13. anyone here got an acceptance? heard some got their acceptance letter already?????
  14. jmeng

    UMDNJ-NA program

    congratulations on ur acceptance!! That was quick...real quick!!!! Good for you....
  15. jmeng

    UMDNJ-NA program

    I actually heard that they will let u know in 2-3 weeks if you are in...if u past those period, then it might not be good news...