should I get liability insurance?


Just signed on PRN with agency, they said they cover me if I am at fault in an error, etc. However, should I still cover myself and get a policy anyway?


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Yes. It's not as expensive as you might think and it is definitely worth having.


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Yes. Absolutely. It's about 100 dollars a year or so. I was warned in nursing school to NEVER trust your employer to cover your butt. Corporations will deny responsibility and throw you under the bus if it suits them, especially if it's really an error on your part.

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Yes. Always have your own ! Protect your license.

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Buy your own .

Employers giveth, and employers taketh away.

Make sure you have your own.


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Yes! By all means buy it. It's not expensive at all. Furthermore, if for any reason your employer's attorneys think for a second you did something out of your scope or policy, they will no longer have your back. This is where your kicks in. You'll get assigned your own attorney and because they work for you, they will do what they can to protect you.


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You are no doubt covered by the insurance offered by your employer. Read the article above so that you can make an informed choice on coverage through an individual policy.

That is an interesting article. Many of your points are self evident, such as insurance is not worth it unless you have to use it. It is obvious from the cost of that it is no better a deal than paying for an extended warranty - huge profit centers for insurance underwriters. So? The very cost makes it a no-brainer because your ability to work is in jeopardy if a BON does initiate action against your license. There are times when your employer's interests do diverge from your own professional interests and then you need personal representation. You definitely make a good point about where and when private insurance kicks in, but that doesn't make reasons to have insurance invalid.

I don't see much downside to having private insurance and it is even tax deductible as a professional expense. Sure, it is likely a waste of money as the odds are very low you will need it. I didn't have auto insurance for the first 20 years or so of driving and saved a bundle (as it turned out).