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  1. mmccool719


    I just passed using an iPhone app for $6.99. It is called CPHN Exam Prep. TONS of questions.
  2. mmccool719

    Palliative care nursing (not hospice)

    I got lucky enough to get hired as a palliative care RN in an ambulatory outpatient setting. I like it because we are treating patients who are still hoping for a cure from cancer. Sometimes, they "graduate" and sometimes we gently guide them towards hospice. I do a lot of telephone triage and clinic just 1 day per week. I do miss hands on patient care as most of my days are spent on the phone with either patients, pharmacies or insurance companies. I love the autonomy of the job and really having the time to spend just listening to a patient. Palliative care in the inpatient/outpatient setting is not widely accepted just yet. However, when a patient is referred over to us, we often see an increase in quality of life and less hospitalizations.
  3. I am currently seeking 20-30 hours per week - flexibility is my main priority. I do not need benefits. What are some positions I should consider? Most of my background is med-surg and care coordination. And quite frankly, I am burned out with floor nursing.
  4. I am in the process of interviewing for a RN position in an ambulatory setting, two days a week. As I weigh out the pros and cons of the position, the biggest CON is the physician I would be working along side of. She is excellent at what she does but she is......mean. I know it because I've seen it first hand when she rounded on my patient on a nursing division. She didn't like something she saw so she really laid in to me about it in a nasty way. The nurses who currently work with her in this clinic confirmed my suspicions. So my question is.....would you work for a mean doctor?
  5. mmccool719

    Do you feel safe at work?

    I recently started working at an inner city hospital that happens to also be very gang ridden. They recently opened a trauma center and I happen to work there very regularly. This morning, someone stood outside and shot a bullet towards our windows. Thankfully, no one was hurt. But just to think if I or one of my co-workers had been standing in that room sent chills down my spine. On another note, I find security at many of these hospitals parking garages to be awful. I am always fearful of getting jumped when I go to my car and it's not always easy to find a "buddy" to leave with.
  6. mmccool719

    New to med surg

    I am in Ohio. I just don't get it.....why nurses have to be like that. In the last 2 staff huddles I've listened in on.....it's all lectures about being kind/supportive to each other....like school children! Really? These are grown adults here! As for asking for help, I play the role that the person I am asking is so smart and I am so thankful for their help....gotta eat crow a little bit. I think it's all in how you ask for help. If they catch any whiff of attitude, you are in trouble. Well, hope you are surviving it ok. Another thing I learned, first person I go see is the charge nurse. I tell them very nicely I am "brand new" and I can use all the help I can get. That usually works well too.
  7. mmccool719

    New to med surg

    This sounds a lot like where I work. What state are you in? I got 2 days of orientation to a HUGE hospital where I float among at least 15 nursing units from oncology to cardiac to trauma. Crazy! I was also totally new to the state so the culture and laws vary slightly. I am going in to my third month and if it weren't for the awesome co-workers, I'd be screwed. I learned to just sign up for 8 hours at a time. Some days I am just in survival mode.....i.e. med pass and patient safety. It does get better as time goes on. No questions are dumb, trust me. Nurses love teaching newbies (for the most part).
  8. mmccool719

    Mission Asheville????????

    I worked there for 5 years. In my opinion, I was a new nurse and got an awesome foundation. They do a really great job of training new nurses. Communication is great, nurse educators are great. I cannot say enough great things about that place. The upper management tries to be innovative. I have since moved on to another hospital.....one of the top 5 in the country actually and I still think that even though my new place of work is bigger, they are not really better. The quality of nursing at Mission is FAR superior than what I see now. Downside is mostly geographical......Asheville can be expensive and the pay at Mission is tough. One other thing is that you do not start IVs, do EKGs, monitor your own telemetry or draw labs so those skills are pretty much lost at Mission. I think I was around $24 on days and $28 on nights. It may be a dollar or so more now. Good luck.
  9. mmccool719

    what is my obligation?

    I work per diem for a staffing agency. They placed me in an assignment for 2 weeks in October at a large hospital. It happened to be a hospital I had applied to twice with no reply. I was able to connect with the right people and got hired on there. I have recently worked a few shifts doing the same job the agency sent me to back in October. Now the agency just called and wanted to know the hours I worked. I have no clue how they even knew I worked the same job and am I obligated to them at all( since they landed me the work here originally)? I have nothing in writing in the way of a contract with them.
  10. mmccool719

    Neuro = dumping ground for "difficult" pts?

    Yep, neuro floors have the same theme everywhere it sounds like......we are a dumping ground. Someone once told me "if you can work neuro, you can work anywhere". Enjoy your experience, you will learn so much on a neuro floor that you will take with you wherever you land.
  11. mmccool719

    first day with agency - lol.

    First day as an agency nurse and wanted to share some highlights.........literally got thrown in the mix of a haphazard facility which was grossly understaffed and undergoing some big management problems. The charting system was all paper for agency nurses. There have been some major medication errors recently at this facility - sending 3 patients to higher levels of care. They have a very poor system for charting orders and med passes - huge risk for errors. Agency cannot access computers therefore cannot see lab results, vital trends. They wanted to train me for just 4 hours and then put me in charge of a 12 bed floor which luckily I was able to fly under the radar and stay with another RN for the whole day. I was also told I am very underpaid by the agency I am with by another agency nurse. So, in these types of facilities with MAJOR safety issues, what do I need to do to keep myself and my license out of trouble? I'm afraid if I say I won't go back, my hours will be limited because this is a larger client for the agency.
  12. mmccool719

    should I get liability insurance?

    Just signed on PRN with agency, they said they cover me if I am at fault in an error, etc. However, should I still cover myself and get a policy anyway?
  13. mmccool719

    CCF or UH

    Never hurts to interview!!!!
  14. I am considering signing on with a nationally known staffing agency mostly because I want to control my own schedule, prn work and job diversity as I am new to the area and want to explore what is out there. But, the recruiter kept saying LTAC like over and over and over, really pushing LTAC. I have the experience for it but I am worried I will sign on and just get sent to LTAC. So, my question for other agency nurses, are you finding yourself going to LTAC a lot lately and if so, how is it?
  15. mmccool719

    RN seeking PRN/PT Day work new to NEO

    I am an RN with 5 years med/surg step down experience. I recently moved to Brecksville area (20 minutes south of downtown Cleveland) and would like to work PRN or part time, no nights, minimal weekends. The 2 interviews I've had so far were with UH and when they told me I would rotate days/nights, I ended the interview on the spot. Some suggested I try a staffing agency or home health. Any suggestions on where to apply just to pick up some part time (or PRN) work?
  16. mmccool719

    Cleveland Ohio RN job seeker

    Hi out there fellow nurses! I am an RN with 5 years experience Neurosciences on an adult med-surg step down floor in NC. I anticipate moving with my family to the Cleveland, Ohio area within the next 6 months, hopeful to live in the Broadview Heights/Brecksville area. I sure would appreciate some guidance as to what hospitals to apply for work. I am full time days, would consider hospice or gero-psych/geriatrics, perhaps even home health hospice or VA. Just not crazy about driving downtown to work!! Salary range? Thanks in advance.