I finally start my CNA class tomorrow!

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I am so excited! Just thought you ought to know!


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I am so excited! Just thought you ought to know!

Congrats and good luck! :yeah:Let us know how class and clinicals go!!!!!


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Wonderful! You're on your way!


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Yea!!!! Good for you. I just found out today I start mines in two weeks. So excited. Good luck and do your best.:D


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Thanks, I have been trying to get in to one for two years now. I purchased the textbook about a month ago and have it almost half read by now. This is a big accomplishment for me. Next step is passing the class and the state exam. I am excited for the lady that is starting in two weeks also. Only 3.5 hours till class starts now!


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Congrats and Blessings! Happy Studies... :)

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How did it go? My first day was like orientation, but still a learning experience.

Did you make friends?


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Thank you for the blessings post, and my first day went well, it was an orientation as well. There are three male students in my class including me, that made me feel a little more confortable. The teacher is a male nurse as well. He is very nice and funny, likes to tell a lot of stories. He says he has 110 stories one for every day of class. I really feel that he will prepare us for the state exam. I will keep you posted.


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Just a little tip. ALot of the times, for me at least, those little stories instructors tell throughout teaching help me remember the important facts. Like our teacher told us about a little boy who started hemorrhageing after he left the hospital post T&A. Well on our test the question was "What is the most common complication post T&A". That story came to mind and ding ding, I got that one right.


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I listen to his stories and sometimes take notes on them. Thanks for the tip Now I will remember the T&A Hemmoraging item.


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Congrats on your first day! I'm counting down the days until mid June when my class starts! 110 days, can I ask what state you are in? Wow, that's a long class! Mine is only two weeks!


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Cool! I am really enjoying my class.

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