I had felt like I failed the NCLEX-RN, but turns out I passed! Here's my story..

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I read so many of these threads after I took the NCLEX and it truly helped me cope so I just wanted to share my story. I had taken the NCLEX-RN on June 23rd and it shut off at 100 questions. I had about 20 SATA and that was the only thing making me feel like I may have passed. It was an extremely difficult exam, but I just tried to remain calm and have faith in myself. Once I got home I was too scared to try the PVT trick so I waited a week to see if my license would post on the BRN. It didnt and so my family guilted me into trying the trick and I got the good pop-up yay! My advice is don't be afraid to try the trick. If it allows you to pay then at least you know you need to start studying for the next go-around. I know this because I had failed my NCLEX-PN 4 years ago and then retook it 3 months later and passed. So if you fail, don't give up. Anyways, 4 weeks had gone by and my license still wasn't posted on the BRN. I had finally got ahold of someone and they said they were still missing my transcripts, which my school had sent. So I resent them, but they informed me that it would take another 3 weeks to receive them and process them. My frustration was at its max. I decided to try a different phone number and got ahold of another person and they decided to investigate the situation further. Turns out they had filed away my transcripts in the wrong place. My license just got posted today, exactly 5 weeks later. So if you feel like you passed and your license isn't posted in 2-3 weeks, make sure you call and find out what's going on. If the board never receives your transcripts, then won't call you or anything, and therefor your license will not get posted.

On a side not, I just want to share that I was truly beginning to think I had failed. I had so much anxiety before, during, and after the exam. So, make sure to continue having faith. I prayed every single night until the day my license was posted. And if it so happens that you didn't pass, don't give up!! Just stay positive, study hard and believe in yourself. :)


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While PVT worked for you, I wouldn't encourage others to do so. It's not 100% reliable and there are people who were charged (or card attempted to validate) when they actually passed. If you are charged, it's non-refundable. Why not wait 48 hours and pay $7.95 for Quick Results? There are only 5 states that don't participate in Quick Results.



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Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately I was in one of the 5 states that didn't participate in the quick results so the PVT was my best bet.