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I need some advise on what to do. I'm going to make it short and to the point....

I failed my nursing program by 2 points in the last class. I took the class 2x and failed it both times because of some things going on in life that affected my focus and commitment. Before you tell me things i already know like i should have waited to go back, i didnt....and it was my own fault. I just wanted to finish and get in the field so badly that I though i was ready when i wasnt...

But my school is now telling me i cannot re-take the class, and there is nothing they can do for me. So basically...i am 1 class away, and out of luck....I dont know what to do.

The class is Peds/Maternity btw.

If anyone has any advise please please please help :(

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What about switching fiields within healthcare? Many of your classes may transfer into a different program (surgical tech, dialysis tech, OT or something different)? It is a thought. Look at all of your options, not just nursing, at this point.

If your circumstances were truly exceptional there's a small chance you could convince the professor or head of department to give you a retroactive withdrawl-- thereby not earning you failing credits and perhaps allowing you to retake the class. If there is a student services department in you school ask them for help. If you have other life issues at play, sometimes they can help you manage the balance better. Additionally, as you don't mention what your circumstances are, potentially your school's Disability Services could help. For instance if you sprained your wrist and couldn't take notes, that's the department that can help you get a note taker or if you were having medical mental health issues, they could also help you negotiate more supportive structures/arrangements.

Then again, if they don't find your case sympathetic... maybe a transfer or something is your best option.

Good luck

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Wow, I know you've invested a lot and I understand about life. This past year of nursing school I had a lot of that going on that made it very hard for me as well. I also know peds/maternity is hard. Maternity I've done and we had a lot of people barely passing but peds I do in the fall, its our 2nd to last semester. Anyhow I would do these things to try to salvage your hard work.

1) Try to meet with a higher up and make sure all possibilities are exhausted.

2) Try to contact any local school and see if you can re-apply or finish there.

3) Try to see if there is any online programs you can use to finish. I have heard people write that on here but I really don't know anything more about it.

I really hope you find a way to make things work and I am really sorry for what you're going through, its every students worst nightmare and we all think it couldn't happen to us but I know it can happen to anyone.

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3) Try to see if there is any online programs you can use to finish. I have heard people write that on here but I really don't know anything more about it.


That was Excelsior College in NY (though not accepted for entry to practice in all states) and that is no longer a viable option as of Jan 2012, especially since the only exceptions are if you were in good academic standing then they would consider on a case by case basis. As the OP failed two courses, Excelsior would not be an option

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I my school's nursing handbook it states if you do not pass a class you are withdrawn from the program, if you fail another class, or the same class a second time, you are dropped from the program. It also states that a student must take a minimum of 25% of their nursing hours at my school to obtain a degree from there. I think it would be doubtful another nursing program would let you transfer in just to take one class then be considered a grad of their program. I would assume this would be standard at any school. If not, everyone would attend a cheap law school then the last semester transfer to Harvard and be considered a Harvard Law grad.

Can you sit for the LPN NCLEX and get your LPN? At my school I think you were allowed to do that when you were 3/4 through. Good luck, I know that must be heart wrenching being so close.

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Good thought CalledtoCare, they could sit for PN and join a bridge program if the school allows it, may be something to check into!!

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Sorry to hear that you failed out of the program, however; all is not lost. I would check to see if you can take the LPN-NCLEX and if so, you could do a bridge to RN program later. Also, if nursing is really your dream, then start over at another school. Look at all of the knowledge you have obtained,it will be easier next time. Also, you could transfer your credits to another major in the health field,for instance; ultrasound sonographers make very good money with no where near the responsibility and accountability nurses have, worth checking in to. I wish you the best and remember to really think your decisions through because the decisions you make sets the foundation for your future.

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