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well, long story short, my husband and I were going to get laid off, so instead of that my hubby took a transfer. I had originally decided to stay and finish school and live w/ my parents, which was no biggie, I thought. Well after living one week on his own, my husband had lived off of frozen pizza and candy bars and I could tell in his voice that he was getting depressed living all alone. I came down for Christmas and made dinner complete w/ turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, etc and he ate and ate and ate like he had never had real food before. So that clinched it, I realized that he can't live on his own for one week, much less a year and a half. So i have accepted a transfer as well, but I will have to drop out of my radiology program that I am loving so much. I am trying to be positive and focus my energies on reapplying for rad school down here, but sometimes, I get so frustrated. I think, I have wasted a year, a year that I can't get back, etc, etc. Anyway, thanks for letting me ramble, I know it's not nursing school but I loved it just the same.



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I am so sorry to hear. I hope things go well for you and you are able to get back into a program there if that is your wish.

Did you finish the first year completely? The reason I ask is I am not sure if you know that there is a limited scope license available to Rad tech students after completeing the first year. At least there was here in PA a few years ago because I know a woman who only completed her first year and decided to switch to a different career and found out that her year was not in vein. She took the limited scope state boards and can work in an xray department doing most films with the exception of head/facial. I don't know the exact studies but I do know this option did exist.

It may be worth looking into to keep up your skills.

Whatever you decide we will be thinking of you.



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"i know it's not nursing school but i loved it just the same."

your rad program is just as important to you as my/anyone's rn program is to me/them, so, you should love it. no apologies need.

i, too, wish you all the best and please, keep in touch.

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Sorry to hear. Life takes us in many directions, and sometimes its best to give ourselves over, have faith (in whatever god or belief structure you have) and go with the flow. Who knows, maybe this will lead you to something else you will love as much if not more so.

Of course, you will be with your husband, and that will make it all worth it. Family is worth it.

Good luck! ;)


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Sorry to hear that you're going to have to drop out. Hopefully you'll be able to find a program there where you can transfer your credits. That way it won't be in vein! :)

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Sometimes things happen for a reason... I put family above everything... Because when you are lying in a bed and done, family is the first that rushes to your aid... Maybe you should check out both rad school and nursing school where you are... You never know!

Good luck!


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When God shuts a door, He opens a window. You chose your husband above all else, and that is most important. I truly believe that good will come out of this situation. It may not present itself immediately, but I believe you are being placed where you belong. God bless you and your family.

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