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I have studied continuous and faithful for Algebra. I have a wonderful boss who will sit with me at work and we do algebra together. Our teacher told us Monday that we were going to have an Algebra quiz over the first 3 chapters. I studied and studied. I went on the internet and worked on those problems. I was so excited in class. Well guess what. I failed it. There was 10 problems and counted off 10 points each. I missed 3. She is a great teacher and told us that she will not count our lowest two quiz grades. Well this will be my second quiz that will not be counted. We are now on word problems and I CANNOT do word problems.

I am just so discouraged that I cried all the way to my car. I am ready to give up all together but then my boyfriend will say I am a quiter. I have an average of an A in my math lab. I made a 93 on my last Algebra test. My boss said we can get this. But I know I will be getting harder stuff as we go along. Can anybody please help me. I am so upset and down hearted.:o

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You made a 70/100 and you failed??? That's not right at all!

I wish I knew the secret as to how I made it through my math classes, because I really don't remember how to do any of it now. Simple algebra with one variable is pretty much my limit now.

I know there are some books like "Algebra for Dummies," "Algebra Made Incredibly Easy, " etc. Have you tried anything like that? What about a tutor at your school? Both universities I went to had math labs that you could go to and see a tutor (I think it was free, too).

But you definitely have to lose your phobia of word problems. Don't be scared of it just because it's words and not just numbers. You just have to write down the numbers in the problem as you come to them, and figure out what order they go in. I know on my pharm tests in nursing school the dosage calculations were essentially algebra word problems.

I remember when I was taking pre-algebra in 7th grade that I just did not get it for weeks, then one day I was doing my homework and I suddenly understood what "x" was and why I wanted to find it. It will come, just be patient and try not to stress too much.

By the way, if you made a 93 on your test, congratulations! That is great. Do quizes count for very much on your final grade? If they count as one test grade or less, don't worry too much about them. All you need is a C, right? So don't be too hard on yourself. :rolleyes:


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Hi Hissy! Konnihall has great ideas...you might also try this, kind of a bassackwards way of learning...

Have you tried making up your own word problems? Sometimes that takes the mystery out of it. Start simply (like with addition)...

Example of extremely simple word problem:

Heather has five apples and Jodie took one. How many does Heatlher have left?

Slightly more complex:

A bag of oreos costs $2.00. There are twenty cookies in a bag. What is the cost per cookie?

Keep increasing your complexity. You do algebra every day; you just don't realize you are doing it.


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I used to do my college algebra assignments twice and 3 times til it clicked. I feel for you, oh yea I do. Researchrabbit is right; you DO algebra EVERYDAY........just think of it in everyday terms. You will get there. Hang in there!


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try http://www.purplemath.com. fre algebra help. best of luck. i am no great lover of math myself.


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sorry for the typo. looks like i need free spelling or typing help now doesn't it?


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I don't know if this will help, but maybe.

When I'm that uptight about something, I ask myself what is the worst thing that could happen? In this case, the worst that could happen is that you flunk the class. So what? You just take it again next semester. At my old alma mater, if you repeated a class, they dropped the worst grade from your GPA, so the flunked class really didn't hurt you. And, maybe you won't bomb it at all! So, try to focus just on learning it, and get determined that you WILL learn it no matter how long it takes, and try to remove all the stress and anxiety you're putting on yourself. I sure know how you feel, though. My bugagoo was chemistry! :(


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Thanks guys I appreciate ya. I have bought the books Algebra for dummies and it was awesome. I have been going to math tutor on Saturday but this last time, this girl had me so cofused I did not know which end is up. I asked my niece and it took her five minutes to show me.

We have to make at least a 75 in order to pass. Quizes count for 25% of the grade. We have to do turn in homework on Fridays. That helps our grade a little bit. We have to do math labs on Mondays so that is a separate grade. So I think I will be ok. Right? or do I just worry too much. What is a 70. Better than a 55. don't you think?

you guys made me feel so much better. love ya lots


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If the tutor is messing you up find a different one. Poeple learn math in different ways, there are many angles to use when trying to tackle math. My boss is in school with me, failed the class, took it over and got a B+. 2nd time around she knew what to expect and it wasn't so bad.



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Ohhhhh Hissy, how I feel for you. I am horrible at math - algebra in particular - and am math phobic.

I used to do the same problems over and over and over again for hours on end. It is the only way I ever learned it.

If the tutor is confusing I suggest getting a new one. Like Student OH said, everyone learns differently and a tutor that can present the information to you another way may help. I went to a tutor for a while when I first started Algebra and it was no help at all. Actually, it made things worse because I was so confused. I actually did better learning and practicing problems on my own.

Hang in there. All is not lost. I would also suggest going to your teacher to figure out what you did on each problem that was incorrect. That may give you some insight into what you need to work on.

Good Luck and don't give up just yet. You still are doing pretty good. I mean, you did get a 93 on your exam. Your average so far can't be that bad.

Take care,



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You are all so great....I guess I should not worry so much. I still have until the middle of December to finish this class. Then I need to start worrying.

I appreciate your words...have a great afternoon:O)


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I had algebra class twice a week, it was like being on a freight train, if you got behind it was hard to catch up but it can be done.

I like math, but algebra is a "beast"of it's own.

Good Luck, I think you still have time to survive the class !.

There are many help resources online. :)

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