I Desperately Need ADVICE!!!


I graduated as an RN this past June and have been looking for a job. I am currently working in a non-related field to pay my bills until I get an RN job. I have been finding that most places want you to have at least 1 year of experience. I ultimately want to work in ER but I was just offered a position at a psychiatric hospital and was wondering what I should do. I think it would be a great first job but I am scared that in 1 year from now when I am looking to work elsewhere, this will not be the experience the ER or a Med/Surg floor is looking for. Any advice??

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I think you should take the job, and continue to actively look for a new one. Psych is a specialty, and sometimes when you tie yourself down in a specialty, it's hard to switch. Psych experience will help you wherever you go and it's definitely better than working a non nursing job. Who knows? You may end up finding a passion for psych.


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Hi Kermie90, I feel your pain, I probably have to get a non nursing job when I get to Seattle in a few weeks. Like you I have no experience and I got my license last April. I would accept any nursing job in a heartbeat! Mind sharing which hospital you got hired at? I would love to send them my resume. Thanks!


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I currently work in Psych - not as a nurse, but maybe soon...! Anyways, I can't tell you how many new nurses come to psych for one year, and leave, seriously when they make their year. Basically, they get the one year of experience, and their opportunities explode. Its an amazing process to watch: new nurses train, run things even with all their inexperience, and leave just as they are getting comfortable because a job in the field they want opens up. It complicates things in the work setting, but it is what it is. Suck it up for a year, and I'm pretty sure your options will increase times ten. I've seen it so many times...Out with the old, and here comes the new batch.

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I would also say to look outside the popular areas too work, such as Seattle. Our hospital is hiring yet nobody even knows we exist!


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What hospital tokmom? Can you PM me? I'm licensed in WA and ready to work!


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i would also like to know what hospital this is thats hiring :)


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i would also like to know what hospital this is thats hiring :)


Would love to know as well, a PM would be nice :-)


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I would look at each hospital and see if there is a Residency RN program. Or you could get your foot in the door with a different job in the Hospital and switch after talking to the Managers