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  1. Advice on getting a job at St. Peters in Olympia

    St. Pete's is an amazing place to work at! I used to work in Centralia and would have St. Pete's as my number one choice.
  2. Clark college nursing program

    Congrats! I'm currently at Centralia College on my third quarter of Pre-Reqs, I still have one more year left of pre-reqs, I'm starting to look at all schools in case I don't get in at Centralia
  3. What to do if you failed your cna exam a third time?

    i'm in Washington also, yes you will have to take the full class again, and I'm not sure how you could hold it wrong? You just hold it and wipe it down. You follow whatever is bolded in the handbook
  4. Nervous Wreck!!

    For us , whatever is in Bold in the book if you do not do it is a automatic fail. Also in my state you get to correct one thing per skill.
  5. Bed Pan Skill New York???

    good! we didn't learn that in our class as we didn't have a "chuck" we just put the bed pan under walked out walked back in and removed it and took it to dump and rinse ...we never put it on the food stand
  6. Bed Pan Skill New York???

    i'm not sure what a Chuck is? We just put the bed pan under the resident? After we remove it we dump it and rinse...?
  7. Clinicalssssssssss 😎

    don't forget purel:)
  8. Stethoscope?

    we use a stethoscope in our class as we don't test on a automatic one. The grants pay for the supplies
  9. Curious about CNA class

    I studied for the tests in the class, we are one of the lucky ones that had almost three months of the class. We are starting Clinicals now
  10. Wheelchair skill, etc

    you would have both hands on the gait belt, having them put their hands on your elbows and make sure your feet are in the right position and have them rock back and forth with you while counting to three. and let them know that you will be pivoting t...
  11. Centralia Community College

    thank you! My Pre-Reqs are going good so far, almost done with the CNA class. Which Professors do you recommend? Way to go on the great grade in A&P!
  12. Prerequisites and Washington state

    I would try and get them out of the way first:)
  13. Prerequisites and Washington state

    Have you looked in to the college that you are planning on going to? Some require you to retake all the classes if it is longer than 10 years. Also you would have to do a Placement test. I am from Washington State and have the same pre-reqs, but in o...
  14. CNA to BSN

    where is this program that you speak of that allows you to graduate from High School and go right in to a RN program without any college classes?
  15. CNA to BSN

    For me it is a requirement to be accepted in to the Nursing Program. I would check out any scholarships, FAFSA, low income grants