This blog post serves as an explanation of why my career as a PICU nurse isn't something to simply survive, but an opportunity to serve the needs of a very special population of patients with love and humor.


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Thank God for angels like you. I too have an interest in PICU or NICU...your story has inspired me even further....Thank you!:heartbeat


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Wow. As one RN who is to move fulltime to the unit from the floor - I'm speechless. And I hope that someday, I can live up to what you typed. You are amazing - and God forbid my kids ever needed to be there, but I'd pray for a nurse like you.



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Thank You for what you do, and Thank God for you! :) And thank goodness we all have our specialty areas. I couldn't do PICU because I enjoy a lot of interaction with my patients. I've been pulled to PICU and felt like I was just treating the pumps and monitors sometimes.

Still, other parts of the hospital can be just as rewarding and certainly have their happy and sad endings.


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I have been in PICU for almost 7 years and 28 yrs on Peds before that.

All you say is true and more.

I cry at least once a week whether it is a critical child or just because I have helped a family member.

I also hear those words daily and it makes me proud that I AM a PICU nurse.

Not to toot my own horn but we ARE special nurses but then again nurses ARE special people.

God has a plan for all of us and I have been lucky enough to do a job that I love for 30+ years.

Thank you God for choosing me to be a PICU nurse and thanks for my coworkers and all nurses.



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I'm one of those nurses who would say, "I could never do Peds", especiall PICU. I love children but it hurts to see children get ill and die. I'm so tender hearted when it comes to children.:cry:

I applaud that there are nurses like urself who can do the job. I pray that u continue to assist these sick children and their families in their greatest time of needs.:saint:

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I dream of being a PICU nurse when I graduate. YOU understand why.

Thanks for writing.


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My God. I read your post and it moved me to tears. I'm just starting my nursing program in the Fall. Just reading what you wrote really touched me. I'm so concerned about grades and money for school and how much better my life will be when I'm finished. Reading you post really helped me remember why I want to become a nurse in the first place, "because I love people". I hope to one day become as knowledgeable and as good a nurse as you. So, when God brings me my assignment, I will be ready to perform His will. Thank you so much.


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Your story brought tears to my eyes. You are one of God's angels!


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I loved your beautiful story- I too want to do either PICU or NICU.... People tell me all the time that it would be hard- especially losing a child- and I wonder if I could handle it sometimes- but I want to do this so badly- and care that I could give to a family and the child in need- to make a lifetime bond with a family just by giving care and helping that child no matter how long or short their time with me is- I know I would love to just be able to be apart of their lives and do what I can in the amount of time we have together... I agree with the other posters- your story as pushed me further to pursue this career. I can't wait to get there!