I am confused....plz help!


Ok, I am planning on applying for the Nursing program w/my school in Aug of this year. I want to know something.....on my program plan it states that the prerequitsites are CNA, CPR, General Psychology which I have taken all of these except for one which is Human Anatomy &Physiology 1....My question and I am sooooo concerned with is ...do I have to have to have all these classes BEFORE I apply to the program? Or do I apply then I have to take those classes (provided that I dont have the one)? I hope I am making since here...LOL

Anyone know for sure plz help. Cuz, I dont want to have to wait another full year b4 appling to the program if I am only missing that ONE class! Which btw, I cant take during the summer because its not offered!!




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At our school, we had prereqs and coreqs. The prereqs, ANP1 and 2, pscyhology and English had to be taken before we applied for the program. The coreqs just have to be taken before we graduate, although especially with the sciences like Micro, it's best to take them before you start the program. You might check with your nursing admissions office, or even the school's general admissions office. Good luck.


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Every school is different with regards to their pre and co reqs. Some must be done before application, some before matriculation, and some before graduation. You'll have to ask your school what their requirements are.

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