I am so close to starting school and

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I am so excited! :w00t::yelclap:

I had orientation this week, actually Monday, and it went really, really well. The students were friendly and enthusiastic. The instructors were positive and motivating. The whole vibe of the school set a very positive tone. They want us to succeed. They wouldn't have let us in if they didn't believe we could do it! And, I believe that. As hard as it is to swallow, I'm going to have to keep telling myself that throughout my program to keep me on point. :lol2:

This whole week has been a busy one. Orientation was Monday, all day. Then, Tuesday and Wednesday I had a nursing study skills class which was awesome and EXTREMELY helpful. I got to meet several of my instructors, feel them out, and sort of get to know them and what to expect from them. :up: Tomorrow, I have CPR class which lasts all day too. After that, I'm pretty much free until school starts in September.

All of my books have arrived, 15 BIG bad boys. I honestly felt bad for the UPS man that had to lift and deliver them to me. :lol2: I hope he did not break something. :rolleyes: I opened my two big boxes full to the brim with books and said to myself, "Holy crappoli, how am I going to remember all of this stuff?!" I got my clinical uniforms, clincial kit, my shoes, support stockings, watch, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope (bought a new one because I didn't like the one in my kit - its a Littman II SE - its purdy.) My off-campus clinical shirts are ordered and waiting to arrive.

All I pretty much need right now is just school supplies and an NCLEX-RN book which was recommended for studying and practice questions. I still have some forms to fill out and return which were given at orientation and a HUGE student handbook to read over. Other than that, everything is looking good and ready, or will be ready when school starts.

I will have classes pretty much Monday - Friday, all day, from about 8:00-3:00 p.m. The first two weeks are filled with all kinds of stuff, not only lecture material. I will start lab and clinical about two weeks in or so. I will have lab one day a week and clinical one day a week and 2-3 days of lecture. We get our schedules each month and each month they are updated and different.

I am really looking forward to Fundamentals. I have a feeling its going to be alot of fun. Yes, fun! I'm going to enjoy it. Until then, I am going to sleep, enjoy my freedom, relax and enjoy myself while I still have the time to do it. Three weeks can go by fast and suddenly it is the first day of school.

Take care, guys. Good luck in school. :)

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Just started 1st semester of nursing school yesterday and it already looks crazy! Good luck to you too!

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Congrats! I'm getting ready to start my second year of nursing school next week and I'm almost just as excited as last year, getting the last of my books today. Exciting! :yelclap:

Good luck to you too! It'll be a ride. :)

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I am finishing up my first semester this week so I still have some of that enthusiasm and sparkle left. It's amazing how quickly you switch from "starting nursing school" to being a "nursing student". I love my program and I'm excited to be starting clinicals in a few weeks.

Enjoy your program, it's going to be one heck of a ride!

Thanks. Yes, it sure is. Good luck with school. :)

Good luck to you! I believe that it will be fun as well! Anything in life can be fun. It may be hard, but it is so much easier when we actually find a way to enjoy it. Good luck!

Thank you Tonks. :)

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I must say I'm proud of you. Just reading your post inspires me more. You are super HAPPY and you should be. :yeah:

:w00t::thankya: :smokin: = YOU RIGHT NOW!!!! God Bless.


Good luck. :D

Thank you. :)

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