I can't believe it!


I still cannot believe it! I was accepted into the RN program with a little over 700 applicants for 41 spots:eek: I never thought I would get in on my first try and it was the only school I applied to. But anyway, is there something I should be studying over the summer? What should I be doing to better prepare myself for my first semester in nursing school? I am bombarded now with all these conflicting emotions:uhoh3:. I think I am just super nervous because everybody tells me how difficult it is. Any help would be appreciated!

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I would suggest going over your health sciences prerequisites (if you took any) like anatomy, physiology, microbiology, etc. just for a refresher. It wouldn't hurt!

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that's fantastic!!!:) Definitely go through the NCLEX, especially if this will be your first time in clinicals (some schools start clinicals freshman yr; some junior year after you get into the BSN program) The NCLEX is so helpful with talking you through different situations.

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Congratulations! :) In my opinion, nursing school takes some getting used to, not because the information is extremely difficult, but more about the sheer volume of information. Most good programs will assist you with test-taking strategies or other methods of helping you grasp nursing questions/tests, which are a unique breed.

I would advise against starting NCLEX questions now; believe me, it will just freak you out. (I tried to do it and was like, "What do these words even MEAN?!!?" LOL)

Once you start covering areas in class - endocrine, for instance - then you can pull in questions over that area from an NCLEX book, and it will make more sense. No sense in getting ahead of yourself; the professors will give you what you need when you need it.

I would honestly advise you to just enjoy your summer and not worry about too much besides buying cool school supplies. ;) Honestly, they will give you assignments for what you need to know. If you absolutely must do something, perhaps brush up on medical terminology, but really...once you get into the program, just doing the reading and assignments will get you where you need to be. Best of luck to you! :specs:


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Thanks for the advice! I will definitely go over my Anatomy since I took it in 2007:eek: I just took physio last year so it is still fresh.

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Besides brushing up on A&P, etc. as soon as your book lists is available, buy them and start looking through them.


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:yelclap: Congrats! I kinda know how you feel. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I also start this fall after 2 years of taking all the pre-req's. I plan on reviewing my A&P since I took both A&P 1&2 in 2010. Since our ADN program does not require us to take a separate patho and pharm class, I plan on learning it on my own this summer as well. Again, congratulations on being one of the 41 out of over 700 applicants!!!


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Congrads! Live it up, as you will NOT be able to in nursing school. Buy a ton of school supplies, running out when you have a ton on your plate sucks. Get a pedicure, pamper yourself, and celebrate getting in with so much competition :)


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Have fun! Take up rock climbing, hit the beach, go to another country, sing your lungs out at a concert, run a 5k, plant a garden, visit your cousins, go dancing, go to the drive-in, have a barbeque, bake some brownies, learn a new language, read books for fun, read magazines, climb a mountain. (AKA Do anything but study before you start school. :))