I am appalled.


So today my husband and I drove to Columbus to put down the deposit on my CNA course, and we go a little lost and ended up at a different CNA class that was less than a minute from the one I plan on attending.

We walked into this other place (Alia healthcare) to ask for directions and when the woman behind the front desk heard where I was asking to go for my CNA classes, her eyes went huge and she looked around quickly before lowering her voice and saying "Did you pay your deposit?" I said no, and she continued on to say "I can totally speak from experience when I say the place you're going to is so much worse than this one. They suck. You can talk to my boss and set something up, seriously." Then she started talking major crap saying that the place I was going to wasn't BBB accredited, doesn't do payment plans, has the lowest pass rate, screws people over, etc etc etc.

Now, the irony is that this place I stumbled into is the place I was planning to go a couple of weeks ago. After doing some research into them, I found that their BBB accredidation had been revoked for over a year and they had a grade of an F- as far as customer satisfation and integrity. It's safe to say I decided quickly to go elsewhere.

The thing that really bothered me was that she assumed just by looking at me that I was stupid and hadn't done research into her facility before coming in. Not only that, but the stream of lies she was so eager to spit at me, when I knew that they were all false facts. I knew that the place I was going was bbb accredited and was in good standing. They also have the highest pass rate of the state.

Either way, I ended up making it to the place I had planned to go, and paid my deposit and am scheduled to start Nov. 27th. :) When I mentioned that Alia Healthcare had talked to much crap, the man simply laughed and said they've been doing it for a while. He said that they've even gone as far as to put bad reviews online about him and his business.

Has anybody else encountered something like this? I hope that not all of healthcare ends up being this cutt-throat! lol

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Welcome to the wild and wacky world of healthcare.


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Thanks, I think. :p Guess I'll learn more of the wackiness when I start my first job, haha.


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Next time you ask for directions, don't go into the place you're looking for's competitor. Lol. Pretty sure this is the norm in any business, not just healthcare.

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Well you sure dodged a bullet there! Although I doubt she thinks you're stupid. Liars lie to everybody hoping to snag that small number who actually take the bait. Sort of like direct mail. It's happening all over the healthcare education market.


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In my position, I really didn't have a choice but to walk in and ask these people because we drove 40 minutes and the place I was trying to find was going to close. :p

Thanks for responses! lol


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Google Maps is a wonderful thing.


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I prefer mapquest. I don't have a printer, though, so I wrote down directions. Suffice to say, it wasn't enough. xD


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It's amazing at what people will spout when they think you don't know any better. I'm glad you did your research.


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I actually teach Stna students in Ohio. Lol I've been appalled also at things I hear. I get a lot of nursing students in my class and one of the colleges told some of the students they had to become an lpn first then become an RN. The students at this school believed it, and were lpn students with no desire to be there. Not to mention its an unaccredited college so they were kind of stuck. They had believed the educators, and just happened to ask me my educational progression which did not include lpn school. It was heartbreaking to have to tell them that you do not need to be an Lpn first. I can't believe people can be so cruel.