stage 1 hypertension..... represents what?????:)


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The medical community is constantly changing what is hypertensive. 30 years ago, it was 140+, I believe. Now days, what is it, 120+?

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You do your own homework, don't expect us to do it for you!! That answer can easily be found online or through other methods!



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Your textbook is your best resource as this is the information the your instructors are most likely expecting you to learn answers from...maybe not...


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It means pull out that $500.00 med surg book you bought. This is basic info.


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My professor has asked this question to my friend in viva during practical examination.... so this is not my homework.... but though i'd like to know about it and i'll find it out.... thak ya all for your answers... :confused::thumbup::what::D:D:)