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Human Bio or jump right to A&P????


My college catalog suggests that if you haven't taken a biology in a long time (which is my case) or if you are not strong in biology then you should take Human Biology before taking A&P. Well I work full-time right now so I have to take classes at night. They only offer 1 section of Human Bio at night and 1 lab section at night, the lecture is full but the lab has seats so the computer will not allow me to register :angryfire. So just to make sure I had a class, I registered for A&P I which I'm not so sure I should have done.

So my question is.........has anyone not taken a biology in a long time and jumped right into A&P without a "get your feet wet" class like Human Bio? How did you do?

If you took a "get your feet wet" class like Human Bio before taking A&P, did you find that it actually helped you in A&P?


There is little, or was in my AP courses, actual biology. I had not been in high school for over 17 years. My first courses back in college were AP I and AP II. I did not find it any harder for me, not having biology in A LONG time, than of those students who had just graduated high school within the past few years. I actually made a higher overall grade in that class than those students who had just gotten out of high school. The first chapter in our AP book was about cells, mitosis, meiosis and matters such as that. I had enough information presented to me in class that I was comfortable.

I honestly think you will be fine without having to take a biology class prior to AP.


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I took Human Biology before starting A&PI. I didn't reallt have a choice because it is a pre-requisites for A&P at my college. I can see why. In the Human Biology class you get familiar with the whole teaching method and expectations of biology instructors at your school. You also spend most of your time in Human Biology on cell structure and function and genetics. Two subjects that are assumed to be well-known in A&P. However, I think you can start A&P without taking Human Biology first, if you are willing to study up a little ahead of class and seriously review the introductory chapters on cell structure and genetics. It will serve you well in the rest of the course.

Good luck to you!


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I've found A&P I to simply be a review of my Human Bio class. SOOOO easy.

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All the schools here (in Colorado), the prerequisite for A&P is General Biology. I actually took it, but ten years ago. So unfortunately I will have to retake it in order to take A&P. :uhoh3:

I am actually jumping right into A&PI without the human biology. I start the class in January. I am also nervous a bit about not having biology in a few years. I bought an A&P book and flash cards to help me get a head start. Every little bit can't hurt, right?


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Jump right in! Taking Bio before A&P would be a waste of time in my opinion. If you have plenty of time to spare, then go right ahead.

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Will the biology be counted in your pre-requisites for applying for the nursing program or is it just a pre-requisite for anatomy? If it is not counted, then, yeah, I would take it. Otherwise, I really see no relation.

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