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How/What do you prep for field trips?


Just wondering what procedures you have for field trips you will not be attending and if you do or do not attend most school field trips.



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There is a form I have to fill out before permission is granted. They just made it this year, and this school has been open for 15 years! Before this they were just winging it trip by trip. The form includes grade, date, time etc. I fill out any allergy info and any med info. Bring inhaler for xyz, or epipen, etc. I did recently go on a field trip with my diabetic student cuz they would not let her go w/o me. I work in a big city in a BAD AREA OF TOWN, (seriously, there have been murders/shootings all around us. we go into lock down) and about 300 of us WALKED about a mile to see a dance troop from Africa. Kid you not! ;)

On our district field trip permission slip there is space to write what the child may need medically. Most of the time the parents leave it blank. I am notified of the field trips in advance and just go thru my list of kids with allergies, asthma, scheduled medications etc. I make a list for the teachers and send Epipens, inhalers, scheduled meds etc with the teacher. If it is one of my diabetics - I get in touch with parent to see if they are attending - if not, I go. So far my medically needy kids have very involved parents so I haven't been required to go on any of the field trips.

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At the HS level field trips are few and far between due to $$...but I print the list and advise who has what asthma, allergies, dietary etc. the teachers are asvised as to who needs their MDI epi or meds. i dont usually go, except for the senior class trip. Any teacher/advisor is required to be cert is FA/CPR in order to be with groups away form the building. Of course you know who is responsible for making sure that happens.....

Before this they were just winging it trip by trip. ;)

This sentance describes my school 100%!!

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It's probably about 50/50 on whether or not a nurse goes on a trip in my school. My kids can all self carry inhalers and epipens get delegated out to trained staff. Luckily I have no daily meds right now except for one diabetic and the PRN tylenols and such can all be withheld for a trip.